Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Nobody Move or the Clutter Gets It!

OK, this is the fourth clutter list. As usual, it's free to good homes, especially if we can work out how to unite you with it. Update: all gone now.

A Simpsons' "It's Duff time at Moe's Tavern" illuminated wall clock. Boxed, unused.

Sainsbury's Balti Cookbook (Pat Chapman)
Sainbury's Microwave Cooking (Carol Bowen)

Indoor fountain in a sort of Japanese style (a bit like the one depicted here though perhaps not quite as nice). Comes with pebbles. This was quite useful, because I'd vaguely hankered after an indoor fountain for years, until we got one as a present. This one is perfectly nice, and turns out to be a complete mathom. So now we know that we definitely don't want one.

2001 Weight Watchers materials -- membership book, 9 weekly books, shopping guide, eating out guide, cardboard points calculator, blank trackers, wallet.

3 ears of decorative sweetcorn, designed for display. I thought it would look nice on the kitchen wall. I must have been mad.

A Fuji NP-100 lithium ion battery for a digital camera (eg the Fuji MX-700).

The new issue (8) of gorgeous Mac magazine iCreate. Plus CD-Rom

PC game: Lego Creator (CD only I fear)

A hang-round your neck rubber mobile phone holder

A piece of cardboard advertising the Fellowship of the Ring, with a lovely picture of Aragorn on it.

An Elvi aubergine suede jacket, size 24; little worn but I really don't think I'm going to, the colour doesn't suit me at all.

Last chance saloon: the following previously mentioned things will be going to the tip/charity shop tomorrow morning if nobody has shouted:

TV stand, travel cot, Divine Endurance, Psiwin, the Easyball mouse, World almanac, System Shock II, Quake III, Fallout II, Civilisation: Call to Power, hi-fi speakers, 35mm enlarger, skis, Mirrycles.

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