Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

The Fifth Tat List

Extra-special offer: would anyone like an Apple Pro Keyboard over which I spilt some ayran yesterday? It hasn't even started to smell of sour milk yet. Update: if it works after being dish-washed, we'll keep it as a spare, so it's off the tat list. Update 2: All tat is gone now.

In other news, we have:

A much-loved HP Laserjet 4+ with duplexing unit, with 18Mb of RAM. Perhaps needing new rollers or something, it tends to crinkle the pages. It's had relatively light use for a 4+, which are, I'm assured, 'good for at least a million pages'. I've replaced it with a business inkjet; I will let you know in a few months if this was my worst mistake ever. This is a big heavy printer and you would probably need to collect.

A microwave device for boiling an egg, in the shape of a chicken. It's YH6003 on this page

A starfish. Yes, a starfish. It's dead of course, about 7" in diameter, five points. I got it to decorate the bathroom. I must have been mad. Memo: we do not need pointless mathoms.

A small oil filled electric radiator. You put it in a cold area of the house and plug it in and it heats it up, expensively. I think it's rated at 2kw. These are very very useful if you, eg, have a house with no central heating or where the central heating doesn't get to every room.

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