Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Intros Quiz Update

You can still do the Easier Intros Quiz here, and with ten entries I think I now believe that Everyone Will Know At Least One of These Songs (go on coth, prove me wrong!). So far we have five songs that every entrant has known, and no entries that nobody has known (though there's one that only one person has got, for all that it was a Huge Hit). I'll keep it up till Sunday or so.

Points scored so far (along with Answers To Correspondents as appropriate)

    nuttyxander 40. Very good. But you've got one wrong, and it's one that nearly everyone else got right. And I liked your answer to the extra credit question, because it's one of the ones I didn't know in one of the other intros quizzes.
    captainblue 39
    ang_grrr 38. Still hanging your head in your hands?
    swisstone 37
    drplokta 35.5, and you need to trust CDDB a little less and condemn a little more. Shouldn't even have given you a half point really; it's a shocker.
    andrewducker 35.5
    suaveswede 31.5
    flooks 31.5
    the_maenad 30
    akirlu 30
    dmw 29
    baldanders 28
    madcatwoman 28
    the_gardener 28. No, number 18 is not "definitely by the Human League", and number 12 is not "Whoops Upside Your Head".
    pdcawley 25
    snowking 21. I was slightly worried that nobody on the right side of 30 would be able to do this quiz, but nuttyxander seems to have done rather well.
    miramon, who did to be fair only do the quiz relucantly, 10.5

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