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Intros Quiz Update
You can still do the Easier Intros Quiz here, and with ten entries I think I now believe that Everyone Will Know At Least One of These Songs (go on coth, prove me wrong!). So far we have five songs that every entrant has known, and no entries that nobody has known (though there's one that only one person has got, for all that it was a Huge Hit). I'll keep it up till Sunday or so.

Points scored so far (along with Answers To Correspondents as appropriate)

    nuttyxander 40. Very good. But you've got one wrong, and it's one that nearly everyone else got right. And I liked your answer to the extra credit question, because it's one of the ones I didn't know in one of the other intros quizzes.
    captainblue 39
    ang_grrr 38. Still hanging your head in your hands?
    swisstone 37
    drplokta 35.5, and you need to trust CDDB a little less and condemn a little more. Shouldn't even have given you a half point really; it's a shocker.
    andrewducker 35.5
    suaveswede 31.5
    flooks 31.5
    the_maenad 30
    akirlu 30
    dmw 29
    baldanders 28
    madcatwoman 28
    the_gardener 28. No, number 18 is not "definitely by the Human League", and number 12 is not "Whoops Upside Your Head".
    pdcawley 25
    snowking 21. I was slightly worried that nobody on the right side of 30 would be able to do this quiz, but nuttyxander seems to have done rather well.
    miramon, who did to be fair only do the quiz relucantly, 10.5

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Still hanging your head in your hands?
No, not now I've got one more than Tony!

I want to know if, like me, nuttyxander listens to Radio 2.

Every now and then, though my typical radio habits are:

Radio 4 for news in the morning (Today and Broadcasting House)
Radio 5 for news in the late night period (Late Night Live and Up All Night)
Radio 2 if the mood takes me
Beat 106 for fast showers in the mid morning, and the voice of Amanda Mackinnon.

Any radio for a good bit of drama whenever it's on.

*sobs and brands L into into his forehead*

Well, you are younger than me.

Oh, and going back to look at it I realise I'd missed out the name of an artist (no. 21). Silly Ang. Always read back through exams.

I don't think you did? But e-mail me if you're not sure. People are allowed to amend their answers after being publicly humiliated...

Well, I've amended it in the quiz now so who knows if it was counted or not.

I've been struck with renewed vigour and will be playing 14 on a looped tape until I remember what the hell it is. Watch out for an amended entry from the anal retentive.

You're also missing number 2, which is a Very Easy One. I mean, they're all easy really...

Ah but I *recognise* 14 rather than thinking I should recognise it, which is how I feel about 2, IYSWIM.

Hmm, well after some fool foolishness with number 9.
Still think my total guess on 5 is flawed.

People are allowed to amend their answers after being publicly humiliated

I have no other guesses for 12 and 18. (12 was a wild stab in the dark, since "Whoops Upside Your Head" was the only 70s disco tune I could think of that seemed to come remotely close.) I know that I didn't answer three or four of the questions, because I didn't know them, so I'm not surprised my score fell below 30.)

Was one of the ones I didn't know an Oyster Band track, by any chance?

no, no, no Oysterband. Flick had an OB track and I was the only person who got it. 12 is, absolutely, Not a 70s disco track, though Steven says 'I sort of know what he means'.

Everyone will know at least one

We're not going to go through and answer them, but we're sure of two, and could research two more from what we remember of the lyrics. A few more were familiar. If the Dowd Household (one popular music illiterate, one who can't hold or remember tunes) can do it, anyone can.

So you did! You were on the spreadsheet. 29 points! I will amend the list (which I have to do anyway cos we've had loads more entries).

1 I know but I don't, 7 I have no idea, 8 I've heard, 13 I'm sure I know, 14 no idea, could now make a shrewd guess at 15, 17 I knew the artist but got the wrong track (I know what it is now) and I will be very interested to know what you left out.

Somewhere I may or ought to have a whole album of covers of 11. Will forward: well worth an hour of one's time.

Now I want to do one of these: what do you use to edit down to clips?

you can score extra points by emailing me or IMing me with the ones you now know (though not if the way you found out was to ask someone who got it right!). I have the entire album of covers of 11, one of which was a very big hit in its own right in the UK, and in fact was one of the possibles for the intros quiz entirely comprised of Very Dodgy Novelty Records that I was thinking about.

We started off using Audacity, which is free -- but Audio Hijack Pro is much better (and a critical app for lots of other reasons; I own it anyway). Workflow in AHP

1. Set AHP to record iTunes (1 minute at the beginning)
2. Find track you want (however long)
3. Play track till you've got the intro (a few seconds)
4. Use Audacity to trim if necessary and save as Track ##.mp3 (however long)
5. tags will be blank anyway. (no time)

Workflow in Audacity:

1. Find the track you want (however long)
2. Import track into Audacity (several minutes if it's a Prog Rock special)
3. Trim in Audacity (harder with a full-length track)
4. Edit id tags (a minute maybe)

There are probably other workflows that work.

You absolutely must know #1. Surely it will be a forehead slapping moment when all is revealed. I would actually think you're a bit young to know #13; it's more recent than #1, but it hasn't had nearly the same saturation coverage. But perhaps things are different yet again, in Oz.

Fascinating. The ones that were easy were almost uniformly embarrassingly easy, which makes me wonder about the ones I didn't know, because with one exception, they weren't even remotely familiar. I wonder if that's a transatlantic thing.

yup, it will be -- I know you do dj-ing so you probably weren't quite the target market for this quiz. If you go look at music_quiz there are lots of harder intros quizzes knocking around. (I think captainblue's one has a real oh, oh, what is it, I know this one, feeling).

Yes, I Am Not The Demographic. Story of my life, really. I just found it interesting that your intros were so very binary for me. Either I knew them straight off, or they were terra incognita, with no middle ground. I'm very curious to see what the ones I didn't know were, because I'm wondering if they got airplay over here at all. I'm now curious if it would be possible to put together an "easy" intros quiz that was a lead pipe cinch for knowledgeable Americans but would baffle the Britons, or at least baffle them in parts. Given the usual direction of our cultural imperialism, I suspect it might be harder. Might be able to do it with old television themes, tho...

You're right, the captainblue quiz has far more of the tip-of-the-brain middle ground, and only two I knew straight off.

Say, are we supposed to be looking somewhere else for the answers to this quiz, or what?

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