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Organic Boxes: it must be a meme
Like brisingamen, we got our first organic box this week, from The Organic Delivery Company, who were the only one of the delivery companies that didn't merely suggest they'd leave our groceries in the front yard to be brutalised by passing thugs. We got a large fruit and veg box, which seems to be about the right amount of veg and not enough fruit for us for a week. This is partly because apart from nursery meals, Jonathan is a fruitarian; he's allowed to eat freely from the fruit bowl and eats little else when at home.

We got apples, pears, bananas, one grapefruit, luverly strawberries, and kiwi fruit, which I never buy but which it turns out my children adore. Gosh. And courgettes, vine tomatoes, onions, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, broad beans, cucumber and an aubergine.

And two globe artichokes, which sent me scurrying off to the comprehensive website of the California Artichoke Advisory Board for both preparation and consumption instructions. They have diagrams! Very handy. And my microwave cookbook explained that you can microwave them, and so you can. They were really very delicious, and had plenty of play value to help form a convivial family dining experience (you pull the bracts off one by one and pull them through your teeth).

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Possibly, it's due to my having grown up so near to Castroville and all, but I am utterly of a crogglement that any adult person in the Western world feels a need to explain how to eat an artichoke. Artichokes are so utterly ordinary. I mean, it's just an overgrown thistle for goodness' sake. Next you'll be telling me your mum didn't use to grow persimmons and pommegranates in the yard.

What wine did you serve with the artichokes? Foodies here in California recommend a chilled viognier. (Some say it's the only wine that can stand up to the monster thistle.)

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