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Back to Real Life With a Bump
So, it's Tuesday morning. The weird gut problem I had last year is back, the Minus Two Cursed Draft of Career Suicide is no better than it was on Friday, and my indispensable co-worker has fractured his right arm "despite not drinking Anything At All" and is weighing up the benefits of typing one-handed and writing with his left hand. I'll just finish this cup of coffee, and then I'm definitely getting on with it.

But, you know, I had a thoroughly good time at Damn Fine Con. Did exactly what it said on the tin. Report and photos in the <plokta.con> issue of Plokta at the end of the month. I did post to PNN a description of the Slug Racing</a>, as part of the accountability process for the League of Fan Funds.

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I got a whole *gasp* six hours sleep last night and the tiredness still hasn't quite hit. I think alcohol is probably still filtering through my system or I'm high on sleep deprivation.

Looking forward to reading your report and seeing some of the copious pictures you were collecting. I've got some good ones of Fan Funds Explained Through The Medium of Interpretive Dance.

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