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AKICIF: Beeblebear Hospital?
OK, so many of you probably know that Jonathan likes fluff. He has gutted our Beeblebear.

I could probably find some old tights and restuff it... but perhaps someone has a better idea?

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As Beeblebears are all lovingly hand-crafted, it should be possible for merchandise at zz9 to put you in touch with the lady who makes them. I've no idea if she'd be prepared to, or how much she'd charge, but it's possible she'd be able to repair it for you.

Alternatively, haberdasheries sell bags of toy-stuffing for not too much. I've stuffed toys with tights before and it's never quite the same.

You do have someone on your friends list who did used to work in a bear factory... now who could that be...

As poppy says, kapok is easy to get hold of in haberdashers, and I do run a beeblebear repair service... well, I tend to turn up at the picnic with a needle and thread, theres always one in need of attention...

Ooh, thanks! Now, does that mean I have to wait for a whole year? He will definitely need new kapok; Jonathan has secreted large amounts of it around the house in odd places. We will get some and then co-ordinate diaries/needles/whatever.

Course, I used to have a cool machine for stuffing bears with in the factory, but never mind. I'm quite happy to sit and do repairs anytime, so yep, we just have to match diaries!

Let me get the kapok and then I will be in touch.

For example, you repaired the back of The Old One's head last year.

(I'm on the handheld because dougs has broken his laptop)

tedward_bear told me once that flick does lots of sewing for the cabal, and dougs thinks she'll be familiar with beeblebear anatomy.

This is true, but I suspect that a job of this complexity requires adela_terrell's skills!

I refrained from posting something sarcastic about Hamley's wasting their money giving me (and 10 others, n'cest pas) a free trip to London for all my training when all they needed to do was hire you.

But my hands had the most impressive groved calouses on them from where I used to tighten the extra strong thread, we ended up developing a skill using a pen instead, to save our poor bleeding fingers! Not very sexy me thinks...

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