Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Mobile Phone Advice

I have a little Nokia 8310 on Virgin Mobile, and I'm very fond of it... but... but...

what I think I want is a tiny phone with Bluetooth but no other extras at all, and...
...a phone service that allows me to use my Clie TH-55 (which has Bluetooth) to surf the internet wherever I have a mobile phone signal, to complement the WiFi... and...

...definitely online all the time I'm buggered if I'm going back to dialup...

...and a healthy inclusive amount of data so I don't run up massive bills...

...but I am prepared to pay for this you understand...

Preferably shiny fast so perhaps a 3G phone of some kind? Do they exist?

I do not need much in the way of inclusive calls or texts... I typically make around five minutes of calls and five texts a month. I'm not really interested in telephones per se.

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