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Mobile Phone Advice
I have a little Nokia 8310 on Virgin Mobile, and I'm very fond of it... but... but...

what I think I want is a tiny phone with Bluetooth but no other extras at all, and...
...a phone service that allows me to use my Clie TH-55 (which has Bluetooth) to surf the internet wherever I have a mobile phone signal, to complement the WiFi... and...

...definitely online all the time I'm buggered if I'm going back to dialup...

...and a healthy inclusive amount of data so I don't run up massive bills...

...but I am prepared to pay for this you understand...

Preferably shiny fast so perhaps a 3G phone of some kind? Do they exist?

I do not need much in the way of inclusive calls or texts... I typically make around five minutes of calls and five texts a month. I'm not really interested in telephones per se.

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3 don't currently support data, so you can forget them.

You will be very hard pressed to find a phone that doesn't include a camera.

I'm not aware of any tariffs that include data, except those offered with the Blackberry by some carriers.

So you are going you have to compromise somewhere I'm afraid.

- Neil.

Avoid the Sharp GX30, which is the model I have. It's pretty much perfect in every way, apart from the small fact that someone (Vodaphone?) has munged the Bluetooth so that it will only speak to headsets. This is only apparent when one tries to use it - nothing in the blurb mentions this drawback. I don't miss the facility as I'd never used it before, but I'd imagine it would irritate the hell out of many people.

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