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Tat! Tat! Get Yer Lovely Tat Here!
OK, here are the rules. This is all tat. It is of no use to us. It might, however, be useful to somebody else, and we are Giving It Away. First come first served; but you must either:

a) live quite near me (NE London) or
b) plan to come to the October or November Tun or
c) have definite plans to see me before Novacon or
d) be coming to Novacon and be able to take it away from there.

None of this tat is going to hang around our house longer than Novacon. Exception: I will post Very Small Things. Very Small Things are annotated VST in the list. Exception II: I cannot bring Very Big Things to the Tun; they are annotated VBT in the list.

Incidentally, if we still have tat for you from previous tat rounds, then we want to unite you with it on or before Novacon if possible. Comments about how we might do this welcome.

On with the tat:

An SMC Barricade wireless router. We have an Airport Extreme now. This one is slightly temperamental but works fine. It has web-based configuration, WAN, LANx3, printer (parallel) & modem.

An unused Aerolatte. Unwanted gift. We are given an Aerolatte as a present about every 18 months on average; I think this is our fourth. They froth milk for coffee and (especially) hot chocolate.

A Clie SJ30 with dodgy digitizer syndrome; needs redigitising every five minutes or so but is otherwise fine.

The rather fine hat I wore at my wedding; sort of white satin veiled job -- see here. Worn once... so there's some makeup on the inside rim but it's otherwise fine. When new this was an exceptionally beautiful and expensive hat. (VBT probably) Could probably be profitably dyed black by a goth.

A device which allows you to hang a mobile phone around your neck. (VST)

Copies of the Good Beer Guide for 2003 and 2001.

A small statuette of a moose

A wooden knifeblock for six knives

A coupon for £5 off a purchase of £45 or more at www.lookfantastic.com (VST)

An indoor fountain -- in last chance saloon, because we can't give electricals to charity shops or give & take days; it will have to go in the bin. It's quite soothing and pretty, in a sort of mathom way.

A Tefal white 2-slice Avanti toaster. This works fine; we've just upgraded to the four-slice version, finally admitting that we needed to be able to toast more than one bagel at once.

A small oil filled electric radiator -- handy for the bits of your house where the central heating doesn't reach, or maybe a garage? Even, plausibly, for those days where it's not quite worth turning the heating on, but it's just a bit chilly. (VBT)

A screech alarm of the sort you carry around in your handbag. Gas powered, apparently very loud.

Ordnance Survey complete street atlases of Herts, Berks, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Staffs.

A-Zs of London (quite old), Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A-Zs of Norwich, Nottinham, Folkestone/Hythe/Dover/Deal, Blackpool, Exeter. (VST)

Street maps of Rugby/Daventry, Caernarfon, Wigan, Rochester, Edinburgh, Southampton. (VST)

An A4 colour print of the cover of Plokta 17, the Millennium version. I have one on my wall already so I surely don't need this one. I would have thought most of the rest of you would be perfectly happy with the web version, but who knows? (VST)

A 1.5-9v car adapter (settings for 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 and 12v) for cD players. I suspect it originally had a batch of alternate endpieces for different fittings, but now it only has one.

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I put in a bid for an item of tat some time ago: what, if anything, happened with it? I was quite willing to pay postage, if you were willing to wrap it up and take it to the post.

Specifically, the "baby listener"...

A Clie SJ30 with dodgy digitizer syndrome; needs redigitising every five minutes or so but is otherwise fine.

Ooh, yes please. I should be at both the next two tuns.

OK, it's yours. flick said you were after a Clié. You should know that dodgy digitizers are really irritating.

I'd like the screech alarm, please (how big is it?)

About the size and weight of a chunky whiteboard marker.

I'd appreciate the wireless router for the front room. The one I've been using for ages is a bit broken.


A Suggested donation to Fan Fund?


I ought to do this too as my supply of tat is getting silly

I would like to baggsy the non-goth hat, please. Also the mobile phone hangy thing and the screech alarm.

We still owe you pintage for the last lot of not-tat-at-all you gave us. Just as well I plan to be at the next Tun, of you'd end up with alcohol poisoning at Novacon.

Scratch request for screech - I've just seen Tanya's comment!

Small oil-filled electric radiator: home offered for this. Not that I've encountered this form of heating device before, so would need briefing on its care, feeding etc.

Er, I think you just plug it in... Don't get it wet. Being an electric heater, it's ferociously expensive if you leave it on all the time. I think it's 2kW though can't quite remember.

Will exchange for a roll of anti-slug copper tape and an enormous quantity of yellow cherry tomatoes (still going strong! Yum!). We'll bring it over; when would suit?

I'll have that color Plokta cover; it's one of my favorite of your Photoshop collages. If I feel very project-ish, I might even use it to make a t-shirt with, but otherwise, we must have a little free wall space somewhere...

OK, tis yours. I'll put it in the post.

I'll relieve you of Aerolatte (now Annie bought me coffee bean grinder and keeps me in complementary beans - there are advantages to having a best friend who's a manageress of a Starbucks) and the Cheshire maps.

How tacky is indoor fountain? Dorothy keeps making noises about wanting one, I'm not sure Bill really deserves the Chinese water torture though...

Occers to me that I haven't picked up the last tat I had off you (LOTR tapes for car) must come down Real Soon Now.
Elderly cat and no money main excuse.

Cat has decided poofe is place of choice to sleep on at moment, even though he falls off at least once a night, causing much hillarity.

OK, Aerolatte and Cheshire maps are yours. Indoor Fountain is Hardly Tacky At All! Dorothy and Bill will love it. A perfect fit! We'll set it aside for you.

yes, you must come down!

I'll cheerfully take the beer guides and all the maps/street guides/A-Zs if we can figure out a way to pass them over (and if not, not).

Are you in Cambridge next weekend (25th)?

OK, beer guides and all remaining maps are yours.

yes, we'll be at Austin's. Will you be coming over to that? Sounds like a deal.

I can't believe you're chucking the moose statuette.

Not that I want it...

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