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The Opposite of Give Stuff Away
Which is sort of 'Beg for Free Stuff Online'. According to the newspapers, we're all squirrelling away loads of unused gadgets in our kitchen cupboards.

High on the list of useless appliances, apparently, is the slow cooker. Now. I'm trying to get hold of a slow cooker, to see if it makes my life any easier. Does anyone have one they're not using that I could borrow/have?

If that works I'm going to hold out for a footspa...

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I have a spare foot spa! You're welcome to it.

Ooh, thanks ever so! Will you be at Novacon?

I will be, yes. I'll bring one along for you.

Of course, now I want a slow cooker. I think that may be one for the christmas list.

Not just the kitchen - I put an appeal for a computer for my own use at the school where I work onto Cix, got two offers. The one I took was an absolutely beautiful little PC in a very small case, looked like an expensive bit of Hi-Fi kit, a bit slow by modern standards but perfectly capable of running XP. I've been using it for a month now without any problems, my old PC crashed two or three times a day.

I've been thinking of getting a slow cooker for some time - but I'll probably try a car boot sale or something like that. Shame they are pretty much stopped now until next summer.

You can of course just borrow pmcmurray. As cookers go he is pretty slow.

pmcmurray is a slow cooker?..glad he takes his time with somethings then...

I wouldn't give up either of my slow cookers (small and large). I use them all the time. You do have to think ahead and make sure the day before that you have what you need, but I find it no harder, maybe easier, to think "What will I make for dinner tomorrow?" than to think "Omighod, what will I make for dinner tonight?"

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