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AKICIF: Remembering Dates
How can I set a reliable reminder for a date 5 years hence? The reminder system needs to be impermeable to changes of, oh, you know, email address, life organisation systems, house moves, mobile phones? Suggestions welcome.

The date is 18/10/2009 and I want to be reminded 60 days in advance.

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A tricky one that... and the only thing that comes to mind is "get your mother to remind you"...

An alternative, and probably more practical approach, would be to put a sum (which I guess would need to be significant) of money into some form of investment account that would mature on or around the reminder date, with a reminder tagged to the account name. There's also the added advantage that you might make a few bob that way...

Anything else I can think of relies on technology, or has no way of forcing you to keep in contact with the source of reminders.

I just checked, and livejournal will allow you to post entries for 2009. Of course, there's no guarantee livejournal will still exist in 2009... or that you'll still be bohemiancoast.

However, I offer that as a possibility.

How important is it? You could ask a solicitor to send you a letter you have written to yourself on the date you need it for. (I think you could, anyway.)

Or you could set the reminder in your current mobile phone and keep re-setting it.

Or you could send postcards to multiple friends and ask each of them to send you the card back as a reminder for the right date. (Multiple, because that way odds are greater that at least one of them will remember, still have the card, and do it.)

sbisson's suggestions are good, though.

Could you tattoo it one one of the children?

Better yet, tattoo it on Mike!

You might divorce Steven, but you've already divorced Mike...

For some reason the concept of bank vaults springs to mind here and I've no idea why or how they work or whether you can set dates on them. But presumably your bank of choice is likely to know your current address in 2009 unless you switch banks and I would *think* that if you did that they'd alert you to your almost forgotten vault information.

Go back in time to 1909 and have Western Union send you a telegram on that date a hundred years hence. It worked in Back to the Future...

Whatever hapens then? I'm intrigued now :-)

Sounds like the sort of thing a solicitor might be able to do - give them a letter to deliver on the specific date. Of course, this might only happen in fiction.

Another option is tell everyone you know and hope the probabilities come out in your favour.

Oh, another idea. Get yourself arrested, and arrange that the day you get out of prison is the day you want. Then leave a reminder in your clothes, ready for you to find it when they get handed back to you.

arrange that the day you get out of prison is the day you want. Then leave a reminder in your clothes, ready for you to find it when they get handed back to you.

But she might get time off for good behaviour.


I only said might...


One of the many things you could try is Yahoo Calendar - which will email you reminders. Of course, you have to depend on Yahoo still existing in 2009...

If you move, change email address and change phone number then how would _anyone_ get in touch with you?

I recommend paying a solicitor to take out full page ads in the Times, Telegraph and Guardian. Someone you know is bound to read one of them :->

Have 5-10 friends set the reminder in Yahoo Calendar. At least one of them is likely to have the same email address 5 years from now and will have your new one if you change.

Coo! autopope and I will be jointly 95 on that day....

http://www.FutureMe.org/ except for that email address change resistance requirement...

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