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Well, here I am in the Apple Store
It's very pretty (lots of pics all over the web). There's Wifi but there's also loads of computers lying around... best internet cafe in town. I may never leave...

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Try not to drool on the 20" iMac. They dislike that.

I suspected you couldn't resist. Might even succumb myself on Wednesday.

Did you get a Tee shirt or one of the goddie bags? I've seen pics of the store, very nice.

I Finally have something to do on my lunch break.

One day I plan to buy a new computer and it will be an Apple because I don't want to go down the particular garden path Microsoft is taking its tour group. Perhaps when that day comes I'll have the opportunity to visit such a place. Not that I'll be able to afford anything there, I'm part of the second-hand underclass you know.

Is this the new one on regent street? Bugger. My effin powerbook is in CityLink warehouse in Barking. Got to go collect it tomorrow.

It's actually only a few minutes on the bus from where I work so I might, um, pop in a lot. Particularly if they have more speakers as good as Andy Inhatko. I was there more than 2 days too late for a lucky bag or a tshirt, all of which had gone within a few minutes of opening on Saturday. It appears that everyone who genuinely camped out rather than just turning up first thing in the morning and chancing it did manage to get a lucky bag -- and there are plenty available on ebay.


MIDI music keyboard especially designed to match the mac styling, looks wonderful to me! Will work with GarageBand and with other popular computer music programs

oh, that's sweet. But Chris, I already have a MIDI keyboard...

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