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OK, it's like this. erikvolson, fine soul and fan about town, is coming to London for the weekend, and wants to meet up with any interested London fans in a pub on Friday night.

As I Never Get Out, my first thought was the Cittie of Yorke (22 High Holborn), as having the key requirements of good beer, food and a central location, plus the extra bonus of intrinsic historical interest. I assume it would be fairly packed immediately after work on Friday, but that it would thin out a bit later, and besides, being fairly packed isn't such a problem for a small gathering.

Follow up if you'd like to come (all welcome obviously, so spread the word if you know Erik or would be interested in meeting him), or to suggest a different/better pubs: I need to resolve where and when ideally by about 8 o'clock tonight but who is more of a movable feast.

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But I won't. Well, maybe breifly, but I doubt it. I'll be drinking nasty cheap Jerry Juice wine.

That's a shame. Enjoy the plonk!

Hmm... this being UCL's own brand, I wouldn't have said "enjoy" was quite the word.... But have fun! Sorry I'll miss you.

Cool. So will Mike "What's this LJ Thing?" Pins.

You could maybe go to the City Illiterates pub instead, the Windmill in Mill Street (the continuation of Saville Row), you'll probably find a few fans there that don't have LJ accounts e.g. Roger Robinson, Brian Ameringen. Not sure I'll make it myself though, I'm frantically trying to get my RPG act together before Dragonmeet on December 4th.

Could people remind me of both or either pub meeting. I'm working quite near to the Windmill, but could pop in to the Citie of Yorke on the way home too.


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