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Books of the Year Meme

Great Meme from coalescent

Write 150 words on your favourite books of the year, post it beneath this in your Journal and then email it along with your address to The Guardian.

The book of 2004 for me was, no question, David Allen's Getting Things Done. I read it in the summer, twice. The system is so clear; to get everything you need to get done off your head and into a trusted system. And it works; collect all your stuff, decide 'what's the outcome' and 'what's the very next specific physical action'; sort the physical actions by context -- calls, errands, at computer, at home, and so on. Then when you have time, you consider your context and look at only the things you can do, secure in the knowledge that you don't need to worry about everything else because it's all in the system and you'll pick it up as soon as you can. A weekly review keeps it all shipshape. Do the things you can do, don't worry about the things you can't. Revolutionary.

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