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Ho Ho Ho

I can't believe I'm coming to this meme so late. From flick:

1. Steal a friend's icon
2. Badly edit a santa hat onto it.
3. Post for the delight and edification of others

That word Badly is critical to this meme; otherwise I would have been sitting wondering how to get a really first class tinsel effect, or whether I should underpaint shading. Instead, well. Ho Ho Ho. Apologies if any of you don't celebrate the Giant Secular Festival of Consumerism; let me know and I'll turn it into a tartan nightcap for you instead. (Oh, yes, and my icon is in honour of the fact that we went to see the Big Session last night, which was entirely fine apart from the fact that it's the Forum and it's Christmas and Damnit I Want To See the Oysterband).


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