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Ho Ho Ho
I can't believe I'm coming to this meme so late. From flick:

1. Steal a friend's icon
2. Badly edit a santa hat onto it.
3. Post for the delight and edification of others

That word Badly is critical to this meme; otherwise I would have been sitting wondering how to get a really first class tinsel effect, or whether I should underpaint shading. Instead, well. Ho Ho Ho. Apologies if any of you don't celebrate the Giant Secular Festival of Consumerism; let me know and I'll turn it into a tartan nightcap for you instead. (Oh, yes, and my icon is in honour of the fact that we went to see the Big Session last night, which was entirely fine apart from the fact that it's the Forum and it's Christmas and Damnit I Want To See the Oysterband).

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You think you're late! I'm so technologicly inept that I don't know how to even edit a Santa hat onto an icon and thus have had to admit defeat when it comes to this meme. A pity as it's lead to some rather cute results. I especially like some of your efforts here. Is it just me or would third from the left on the top row make the perfect anti-Santa?

You use the Photo Editing Programme of your choice, which in my case is Photoshop but there are much cheaper (and even free) ones about. Copy the icon you want and paste it in. Then you find a nice brush, make it red, draw a hat, turn it white, draw some fuzzy stuff, don't worry too much about quality. Try not to use an icon with a white background cos they're harder. Save as a jpg and bob's your uncle etc.

Would it surprise you if I mentioned the rather flat learning curve I've had when it comes to graphics software? I'm not suggesting that I couldn't do as you suggest, rather that I might not be ready to do so with confidence until Christmas 2005. (For which the Plokta Cabal can be thankful as it limits my options when it comes to evial project #1.)

It doesn't help that trying to come up with a satisfactory end of year card has been something of a disaster. Time to lay graphics to one side I suspect and try to write something appropriate instead.

Well, I am madly proud of my Christmas card design but am resisting posting it (or the associated icon) until people have got the card in the post. Ish. Probably the 18th.

You still want the one I was slaving over on Friday afternoon?
Not quite finished (left it at work, busy weekend) but should be in post Monday eve.


What you've done to Niall's is genius!

It's great. Am most chuffed with it. :-D

I like Pete's as well, though.

Thanks! Here's one for you:

Man, that must have been some Christmas party over there in The Hague, eh?

Crazy(well, here's carte blanche from me, for all my icons - special request, though: "mommy dearest" - just one for the wire-cage mom?)Soph

*perfect!* thanks and sorry for the belated acknowledgement - I thought I was full-up on my icon piccies. (I'm waiting for a good moment to pay for extras.) And I'm going to refrain from using it until the 12 days proper. (Just being, oh I dunno, my usual obstreperious self.)

Crazy(chuckle - thanks again!)Soph

I have a brief mad urge to grab the moose-sign-with-santa-hat icon; none at all to grab the one you made from my actual icon.

I rather like mine, and may steal it for my "bah-humbug" posts.

Yes, yours looks very nice. Stylish and rebellious at the same time.

I think I look rather fetching in red, even though we do not actually know what Santa hats are here in the 17th century.

These are great! Do me! Do me! (and my little icon, too!)

hee! I will staunchly resist the impulse to do one with the cats...


hee hee thank you thank you, I have made it my default icon for the festiveness

Most silly.

Thankfully, I have at least ONE icon that can't be Santafied ;)

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