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Random Lyrics Meme update.

OK, quick update of the random lyrics quiz, cos there's just a few you've missed. Another 24 hours or so, then I'll post any remaining answers. I've added little cluelets here though.

3. So here's adieu to ducks and geese, likewise to lambs also (Hint: a final speech of the condemned prisoner)
5. Blackmail and lies and the narrowing of eyes (Hint: which is difficult through all that black eyeliner)
9. Dudu dudu dilleri (Hint: much easier than it looks at first sight)
12. Bringing boys home brought the same result -- a kiss, a scream, a bang! (Hint: a capella harmony band)
15. They was payin' him a pound an hour, and they was payin' me fifty pence (Hint: this is a song of social injustice, and it's a cover, and you can tell that from the particular lyric I chose) dmw and miramon
16. The night is quick to anger, the dawn is slow to rise (Hint: actually, I couldn't even remember what this was without googling for it, that's how memorable it is...)
17. A small sprig of time and as much of prudence (Hint: probably the single song that had more influence than any other on my musical tastes, and I heard it live tonight) akirlu
21. It's in my head to stay in bed tucked under the sheets (Hint: well, drplokta at least owns this one)
22. Wander over these crazy days in my mind (see hint for no. 25)
23. The medium roams and rambles (Hint: surprised no-one's got this; an album track but from a very wellknown, memorable album)
24. Without the dreamers what happens to the dream? (Hint: the only song on the list by someone on my friends list)
25. When you were the brightest star who were the shadows? (Hint: the singer in this band did no. 22 solo) animoose

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