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A New Year, a New Tat List
We are clearing out more stuff. Oh, yes, and there's much more yet.

The Deal remains the same; first to call gets it, but you either need to be in the same place as me at some point or (for small items) send me a large stamped addressed Jiffy bag (I'll tell you how much it weighs if you comment, don't forget the weight of the bag).

Books: Good Beer Guide 2001, Dr Miriam Stoppard's New Baby Care Book, Baby & Child by Penelope Leach, Planning for a Healthy Baby, Dr Miriam Stoppard's Pregnancy and Birth Book, Annabel Karmel's Feeding Your Baby and Toddler, The Bright and the Dark by Michelle M. Welch. Could be posted.

Electrical Goods: A Yamaha CD player with remote control (HiFi separate). Cannot be posted
A Nokia OnDigital Box. Cannot be posted.
A rather rubbish Aiwa micro system that once had a subwoofer but probably doesn't any more but does have working radio and cassette, and iffy CD and (critcal for iPods) aux input, and remote control and clock timer setting. Good for waking you up in the morning. Cannot be posted.

46 airmiles (paper vouchers)

A Kitchen Devils Professional Knife Sharpener -- of the sort where you run the knife between two angled steels so it's impossible to get the angle wrong. Could be posted.

A Nonion hand cleaning device! It gets onion and garlic smells off your hands after you've been cooking, and it really works. It's just a lump of stainless steel -- so if you have other lumps of stainless steel around, they'll do as well. But it does work. In my case, as I have to wash the new kitchen knives as soon as I finish using them, and as they're all stainless steel, I can just rub my hands over the handle while I'm cleaning the knife. Could be posted.

A Canon EOS Digital camera strap. The one that came with the camera. I honestly don't think we're going to use it again. Could be posted.

LexarMedia JumpShot USB Compact Flash reader. Unused; I think this came with our Lexar CF card. Could be posted.

A nutmeg grater. Perfectly fine, ordinary nutmeg grater. I have a lovely spalted beech nutmeg grater so I don't need this. Could be posted.

2/3 DECT phones with chargers. No base station. Believe these can be registered to your base station but have no idea how. They are Binatones. Would rather not post.

A 2005 First Division Association pocket diary. Could be posted.

The Companion CD-Rom to the Carthy Chronicles, a CD rom from Free Reed. I have no idea what's on it. Could be posted.

Pop Idol Official Video Game for PC. Could be posted.

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I have a nutmeg grater, but I'd like to say thank you for teaching me a new word (spalted).

Interested in the DECT Phones...

can pickup unless you are likely to be at BSFA/ton of course.

can bring them to the Tun on Thursday, sure.

I'll collect on Thursday.

(icon for easy id in pub help)

If the Nokia OnDigital Box means a box that will do Freeview, then yes please!

I won't take any more hifi kit for the moment ...

... if nuttyxander drops out on the DECT, then I'd like them for my landlord&landlady as their (pre-DECT) cordless phones are dying and I was planning on getting them a binatone answerphone/basestation as a thank you present before I move out ...

... Canon EOS Digital camera strap ... if that will work on a Minolta camera (grin!) then yes please, I have a Minolta 7Hi which came without a strap.

It will theoretically do freeview and I have no idea how. camera strap sure. The dect phones do not have a base station (we kept that).

Please give the OnDigital box to hawkida as I can wait until I get my new place (don't think freeview reception will be too good where I am, though it is very very flat!)

If nuttyxander doesn't have a base station (or isn't going to buy one) and therefore doesn't want the DECT phones, then, as I said, I was already planning on buying a basestation for Tim & Marcia so the extra phones would be really useful.

I would like:

A Kitchen Devils Professional Knife Sharpener

A Nonion hand cleaning device!

LexarMedia JumpShot USB Compact Flash reader.

Pop Idol Official Video Game for PC.

Would have liked OnDigital box too, but looks like I was beaten to it.

You also have a mouseball thing from previous tat for me and we're planning a handover at the Feb Tun if memory serves?

If you have a better use for it, I can afford to get my own when I get my new house (I hope!) so please, take the Freeview box

Having just discovered how awful the TV reception is upstairs in our house I suspect Freeview may not be much use. I'll take it and see how it goes, if it's no good to me then I'll pass it back on to you.

Yup, also a simpsons clock.

since no one else is interested I'll nab the air miles. :-)

Sure. I wonder where I put them...

I'd definitely like the Martin Carthy CD-ROM, please.

Actually was resisting this (NO MORE TAT!) but I wouldn't mind the nutmeg grater since no one else has grabbed it. (This is L BTW.)

OK, L, tis yours. I'll put it with the jacket that flick passed me to pass on to you.

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