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Worldcon Fan Room
OK, chaps. This is your chance to tell me what you think should be in:

a) a Worldcon Fan Room, or
b) a Worldcon Fan Programme.

bearing in mind that our budget will be limited, and that corkage restricts the extent to which this can involve free food and drink.

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Comfy Chairs.

(You're running fanroom? That doubled the chance that I'll go.)

yes, Plokta cabal is running the Interaction fan room and fan programme. Statement of purpose is that we're running something that is as close to being a Plokta.con as possible within the Worldcon, except that literary and science items will be on the main programme and we will have some serconish items about fandom instead.

There will be comfy chairs, and we will be right by the real ale bar.

The Fan Room should have comfy places to sit around and chat. And an electric kettle for tea.

As far as fan programme...how about items about different aspects of fandom (preferably bringing them together)

comfy chairs, yes we should think so. Electric kettle, no chance in a UK hotel. Fan programme, yes, but what sort of items? I'm not going to have a 'what do gamers and filkers have in common' item, nor yet a 'songs about Everquest' item, though that latter would be closer to the mark.

I think I should go and look up what those terms actually mean.

Ah well, that's quite complicated. At the Worldcon, it seems to encompass most (though not all) of the programming that comes about from the interaction of fans rather than sf authors and other professionals. We'll have quite a bit of stuff about fandom, quite a bit of plokta.con like stuff. But we're also definitely having some early-ish morning items to shake off cobwebs etc.

As for fan lounge, I guess the single most important thing we're trying to deliver will be a space where it's convenient for people who've only met up online or (cue old fart alert) in print to hang out and meet like minded fans. We sort of want to do quite a bit of Meet Up in the lounge space (which is big) for all different fannish groups. We could do with some volunteers to help with some of this stuff too...

A quiet, smoke-free space with comfy seats, that people can retreat to without having to head back to their hotels. Call it a reading area, or something like that, maybe?

We have a lounge space; I doubt it will be riotous, but it's not quiet exactly. I think it will be smoke free, but I suspect that the bar outside the fan area will allow smoke. [We haven't actually resolved this yet and it needs to go on my list of Construction IV things]. We are in any case in the Moat House rather than the SECC. I will mention the 'quiet space' thought because I bet you're not the only one.

(Deleted comment)
Wireless internet? A whiteboard?


Programme panel discussions of music? Not necessarily with demos, though.
Fannish intros quiz?

Wireless internet we would like to have but can't guarantee; it's sort of out of our hands because the con is negotiating centrally with the SECC/Moat House on this.

Whiteboard is rather a good idea.

Australians I'd certainly like to see, and I'd put my vote in for 'Australians in Utility Kilts'.

Oddly, fannish intros quiz is already on the list. We will add discussions about music to the ideas list.

Non-smoking area, wireless interweb, lots of little tables, yoga mats or equivalent for those who prefer to sit on the floor, water cooler, inflatable Ben Jeapes.

Would you settle for a cardboard standable Ben Jeapes?

I enjoyed the fan programming one worldcon did (I'm sorry I forget which) that involved having the same panel more than once with different people. This was particularly amusing and useful for the Intro to Worldcon/fandom sort of thing as everyone has a different perspective.

Note that I love to talk and have been called a good moderator.

Sorry about disappearing from the Tun without saying goodbye. We were downstairs when Jordin got that glazed look and wanted to leave. My knees wouldn't handle the stairs again. We really enjoyed that dinner and are looking forward to seeing you again (relatively) soon.


Oh, that's a good idea... and I wonder whether we could actually nick some of the proper grownup items and recast them...

It was great seeing you, too. Sorry we were upstairs with the (whatever the word is for upstairs troglodytes).

I'm a big fan of programming about fanac, fanhistory and fannish living. I've done panels on such items. I think they're perfectly good foci for panel items in a "Fan Programme."

I'm up for "How to host a party on another continent (without exceeding your luggage allowance)" myself.

I know "Fan Room" or "Fan Lounge" has been traditional nomenclature, but John Hertz made the case at Noreascon that the ConSuite is a fan lounge, so having another "Fan Lounge" is somewhat confusing. His solution was to call it the Fanzine Lounge, because traditionally (and in his vision of the space for Noreascon) it's been where fanzine fans gather and do fanzine-ish things. If you envision the "Fan Room" being a different environment than the sort provided in the ConSuite, step back, determine what's different, why you want it to be different, and then pick a name that describes that.

One idea that percolated up from somewhere was a "DIY Fanzine Creation Workshop." (Or possibly a competition.) Provide one or several laptops equipped with a page design program (like Publisher, or Pagemaker, or Whathaveyou), a number of already written short articles, and a number of previously scanned bits of artwork.

Each person participating can select whichever bits appeal, and the expert publishers can give tips and hints on page layout, matching art to article, designing headings, etc. That's if you're doing it as a workshop.

If doing a competition, each participant gets the use of the material provided, adds their own titles, layout, heading, editorial mumble, etc., and a panel of expert jurors picks the best. (Each zine would be limited to four or six pages, and there could be classes: beginner (no zines), journeyman, master (nominated/won Hugo, Nova, FAAN, etc.)

A panel that usually works is one focusing on fannish tall tales, hoaxes, odd personalities. Call it something like, "Lies, Damn Lies, and Fan History." (I've done this sort of panel before, but the title is new.)

Please forgive any blunders or inappropriateness I may become guilty of in the following post... I'm new to Worldcon.

Since I'm so new and clueless I filled in a programme participants questionnaire recently, offering to talk about various aspects of Farscape (aspects of the show itself and of fandom/campaign history). I'm not sure if that was correct, now. It seems that as 'only' a fan (instead of an author/recognised academic/whatever) I should perhaps have signed in here instead? Or will my proposal be sent on to you? Or am I wrong *here*?

Help me. I'm confused.

No, that's fine. All the programme teams are working together in any case to some extent; we're pulling the programme questionnaire off the database and will be planning the programme over the next couple of months. So we'll have your data. The post here was mostly trying to get people to give some thought to support for fan room in general -- we've stated that our key aims are to

-- mimic what a small 'fannish' convention is like in the UK, as one aspect of the Worldcon
-- facilitate fans who know each other in print or online getting together.

Beyond that we're open to ideas really.

Don't be too troubled if we can't find space for the item, though -- we'll inevitably have far more ideas than we have room for. It will depend on the balance of different items, who's volunteered for what, and so on.

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