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Farah's blog
Someone (I suspect tamaranth) was asking in the pub about Farah Mendlesohn's excellent new blog, and I explained about syndication. So I thought I'd mention that I've added it to my syndication list. Unfortunately, I spelt her name wrong... whoops... but anyway, you can read it at farahmendelsohn.

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Farah Mendlesohn [...] farahmendelsohn.


Also: I added it three days ago as farah_sf. I'm not sure why LJ added the same feed twice.

Posting here as I suspect it will reach you...

Posted a comment to your blog, realised I left off my name and tried again. Got an error message displaying an email address for the sysad I suspect you don't want public since I've never seen it anywhere previously - it begins illyria@.

There are so many things wrong with my blog at the moment, I can't even begin to say... Thanks for letting me know, though I doubt I can straightforwardly sort it out.

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