Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

iTunes Meme

Sorry, I'm in a Meme sort of mood

14584 songs, 42.1 days, 71.38Gb... and I have 6 CDs that arrived from Amazon on Friday that I haven't ripped yet, plus the new Lemon Jelly CD which I have not the faintest idea where I put.

For all of the following, I've ignored punctuation and other weirdnesses.

Sort by song title - first and last?

1-2-3 by the Scaffold
Zydeco Hee-Haw by Boozoo Chavis

Sort by time - first and last?

Lucky (Rap), Joni Mitchell, 0:03
Falling Water, Bamboo Rainsticks, Billy Martin, 59:59

Sort by album - first and last?

3 by To Hell with Burgundy
Zooropa by U2

Top five played songs I can't really do because my iTunes has lost its history several times. So it's coming out with A Tapestry of Carols by Maddy Prior and the Carnival band, but that's just because it's only been counting since November or so, so songs in the Christmas mix got played more than others.

13 songs with sex in the title, including The Sussex Carol...
42 songs with death in the title, ok, perhaps I'm a bit goth.
about 600 songs with love in the title.

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