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Naked Power Grab
I suddenly realised that I didn't need to wait for Supreme Dictator drplokta to appoint me Minion in charge of Mandating Apple Computers. I'm just going to get on and legislate.

Effective immediately, you have to Stop Buying PCs with Windows on them. Unless it's emulated. Buy Apples. Yes, this means you. There's a good range. Pick one.

If you've already got a Windows computer, you can carry on using it until it collapses under the weight of spyware, viruses etc. (probably about Thursday week). But when you replace it, get an Apple.

Yes, you're allowed to run Linux on your new computer. As long as it's an Apple.

OK, off you go. Run along. Just think, this is pretty minor stuff; imagine if we were to live in the sort of place that mandated ID cards and house arrest instead of merely what computer you could use.

Watch out for tomorrow's edition "Yes, we're going to tell you what MP3 player to buy too. Damn right."

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And UnZip is also available for AmigaOS, BeOS, QNX, VMS, and many others.

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