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Emerges blinking from the Photoshop Mines
OK, the cover is finished. I know I said the last cover was impossible, far too much work, nothing could ever be so bad again.

I was wrong.

Anyway, it's done. I count 40 separate jokes on the cover, half visual and half unreadable, and several Extremely Venerable -- though I think one of those might have been done quite recently by the_maenad in which case I'm sorry we nicked it.

Should be out before Eastercon, providing we finish the words. Yes, I know many of you have only just had Plokta -- that would be the late-mailed Novacon issue.

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Flattered that you think my jokes worthy of the theft, my little chickadee.

It wasn't actually theft, more unconscious plagiarism -- I did the work and then thought gosh, I'm sure someone else has put that in a fanzine recently. I think though am not sure it was you. Another one we looked up on the internet and discovered an apazine by the same name from more than 20 years ago. And there's another one pictured but not named on the cover, and several people have made *that* joke before.

I'm now going to be on tenterhooks until Easter, waiting to find out. (Or longer, if you don't mail out non-conventioneers' copies for a while after.)

I've seen it, to quote Columbia.

It's marvelous, foxy, the northern Plokta component.

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