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Sitting in the Lobby at 7am
OK, so here I am in the remarkable (see feorag for an accurate description) lobby of the Hinckley Island Hotel. I noticed that there's a minicon40 community and wonder if we should have an Eastercon one as well.

Anyway, my daughter woke me up extremely comprehensively at 5:30 and becuase I'd gone to bed so early I sloped down to the lobby to internet. It turns out that £24 for a week is a price carefully calculated; people grumble, but pay it. Except of course for smofbabe; I said cheerfully 'hey, that's $47.50' and watched the colour drain from her face.

New fanzines here include another issue of greengolux's Thought Experiments, the latest Novacon play script from swisstone, and new fanzine Shiny! from flick. This last was slightly disturbing because it made clear that the shininess of the fanzine was directly related to the shininess of the intended recipient. Mine did not look terribly shiny, though it is I think the first fanzine I've had with a hand-sewn binding. ("She forgot she needed a saddle-stapler until it was too late" explained drplokta). I am not sure that I have had any fanzines from people WANOLJ; on the other hand I am not sure there are very many people at Eastercon WANOLJ. The new Plokta went out in the post to Brits a few days ago, but I do have the odd copy to hand out.

Since arriving I've swum twice, eaten in the hotel restaurant twice (both times with limited success due to an incomprehensible system for sorting out food orders), visited the local supermarket (once), and not attended any of the programme. It took me a good 24 hours to unwind though I'm feeling in a fairly convention mood now. There is no programme book; we are promised a Proper Souvenir Book later in the year. These have a tendency not to appear but I have faith in frandowdsofa.

Roger Peyton (WINOLJ, I'm fairly sure) railed in the bar against people in togas, saying this might be his last convention if this was what we had sunk to and the programme had nothing to do with the SF he knew and loved. I pointed out that at that very moment they were discussing who ought to win the Clarke award on the main programme, as reported by coalescent. The incredibly smoky bar is supplemented by a non-smoking bar, which was quite jolly. We were invited to admire frostfox's now-mended hand, and heard more Hair Raising Cat Stories.

The children are happy because all the Usual Fannish Children appear to be here, or at least a critical mass of them. I am not sure how happy everyone else is -- but there is a Parental Collective Containment Zone, possibly for the last time unless someone with slightly smaller kids gets into running it (we were despondent after the Jersey con, soured for both running creches and attending Eastercons; Richard and Helena, after years of sterling service, have announced this is their last one).

Anyway, people seem to be mobilised for breakfast. It occured to me that I might eat breakfast, go get my family and eat breakfast again. Like hobbitses.

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I woke up this morning grateful for the minicon40 community, and thinking that it would be especially fine to have a joint community for all of the Easter conventions. Not that I've done anything to learn how to set up an LJ community, or done anything else about it, mind you. The day seems to still be doing its usual good job of passing quickly by, this time with the added joy and fun of friends, music, and layers upon layers of memories. Twenty-four years of them. Hmm. A genuine quire, and All That Jazz.

Well, there is an eastercon community. And it's only got one post in it. So we might as well use it. I'm sure alexmc and vicarage won't mind

I dare not calculate what £24 might be in Australian dollars as the acronym TFM keeps sprining into my forebrain. I see I have been especially cunning in the timing of my own fanzine. Surely everybody is at Eastercon rather than at home reading it. Well at least nobody will drop me from their mailing list.

There is an Eastercon community, it's called Eastercon (sorry can't do link, crap browser on laptop).

I set it up a few weeks ago, following a discussion with major_clanger and the Concussion (2006) people. We didn't discuss it in great detail! but the idea was that "management" of the community would lie in the hands of the current committee. So I've got it for a while and they can have it when I get home.

Check out the user info for it and let either of us know if you've got any suggestions.

(I'm a little concerned that I can be browsing LJ on Sunday morning of the convention - but if anything is not going as normal (I won't say smoothly as Gladiatorial Cyberdrome is about to start) no-one is telling me about it.)

I may have completely failed to give you More Balls #2. I'll pop it in the post this week.

Yes, you definitely didn't give me it. I'll look forward to it.

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