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Call For Fans
Are you coming to Interaction? Would you like to be on the fan programme? Do you know other cool people who are Definitely Coming and who we should put on *fan* programme?

Can you and/or they :

a) comment here (the easy bit)
b) fill in the questionnaire at http://www.interaction.worldcon.org.uk/progpart.htm if you haven't already done so.

We know who all the cool Brits are; feel free to comment if you like but we'll probably nobble you anyway. We're really after Foreigners (except that all the Scandiwegians seem to have filled in the questionnaire already due to some sort of native organisation).

We haven't actually *asked* anyone yet (though you may have heard from various fishlifters. We are using the Plokta approach to fan programming (better late than never) except much much earlier.


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We know who all the cool Brits are

Wow :-)

Yeah, I'm impressed.

So basically, Brits don't need to volunteer because either (a) they're cool Brits and will be nobbled anyway, or (b) they're uncool Brits and won't be wanted even if they volunteer?

Must you automatically look for the sinister in everything? Brits are welcome to complete the questionnaire, even encouraged, and you're welcome to register an interest here. But because we've been around UK fandom for a good long while we're much less likely to overlook UK fans than we are to overlook fans from elsewhere in the world, when thinking about who would be good on the particular programme items we're planning.

Must you automatically look for the sinister in everything?

Actually, I was mocking rather than looking for the sinister. Sorry that wasn't clear.

If you want to put me on a panel that's okay by me, but every time it's happened I've found myself with nothing to say. As such I think I'd be a bit daft to volunteer for anything beyond "If you're really stuck..."

We'll be there and available for programming. I think we've already filled out the questionnaire.


you have, Jordin hasn't, I think

My questionnaire is submitted already, I think. Feel free to use me on fan stuff.

The third row has a panel/workshop suggestion:

THE ALGE-BREAD-IST (working title): two slices of bread, plus filling, then bisected. Is the result one sandwich or two? The Third Row invite you to decide whether Jesus lied to us. Bring bread, fishes (or jam).
with Niall Harrison, Tom Anderson, Liz Batty, Alex Ingram and Andrew Hogg (moderator to be determined).

OK, we're up for that. It's (tentatively) on the list.

Huzzah! And obviously, if there's any chance of being scheduled somewhere near lunchtime that would probably be most appropriate. ;-)

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