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(no subject)
OK, paging all you slash fans: examples please of pro authors who got their start writing fan fiction and who might be willing to talk about it?

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Why just ask slash fans? Non-slash fans might know as well...

The obvious one is Barbara Hambly - she even got a fanfic novel published professionally. (Ishmael, a crossover between Trek and Here Come The Brides.)

Which I have, somewhere, which is weird, I'd never heard of Here Come The Brides and never watched classic Trek.

Didn't Joanna Russ write some? Of course, I've no idea if she'll talk about it.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Maybe Diane Duane, too. Also various people who came in via the filk/trek route -- of whom I can only think of Bjo Trimble, but there are at least two more (Leslie Fish and Jane Someone. There, isn't that helpful?) You want to ask Ben Yalow about this. Oh, and then there are the 'this is my role-playing campaign' people. (Raymond E Feist, maybe? Even Elizabeth Moon -- the Deed of Paksennarion books.)

Define 'got their start'. I can think of several pro authors who used to write (and in some cases still do write) fan-fiction, slash and the like: but I'm not sure that it has much to do with their professional careers other than writing-practise.

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