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That Live Music Meme
via swisstone, a meme where you list the bands you've seen from their list, and then make the numbers up to 30 :

From swisstone:

1. Billy Bragg
2. The Who

From mr_tom

3. Roy Harper
4. Beth Orton
5. All About Eve
6. Nick Cave (though I think without any seeds of any morality)

and some more people; neither random nor not random. People who haven't seen 30 bands live should get out more. In particular, they should go to a festival.

7. Richard Thompson
8. Oysterband
9. The Men They Couldn't Hang
10. June Tabor
11. Manfred Mann's Earth Band
12. Lemon Jelly
13. Tangerine Dream
14. King Crimson
15. To Hell with Burgundy
16. Blue Murder
17. Chumbawamba
18. Moxy Fruvous
19. Alasdair Roberts
20. Al Stewart
21. Tony Benn & Roy Bailey
22. Jah Wobble
23. Last Night's Fun
24. Jethro Tull
25. The Carnival Band
26. Dr Faustus
27. Roy Wood
28. Musafir
29. Elephant Talk
30. Steeleye Span