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Saturday Morning Cobweb Shifting Brain Exercise
One for hddod and others.

There are, as we all know, no dull numbers. What's interesting about the number 5318008?
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Answers to Correspondents:

hawkida Yes, and you're the first.
drplokta and everyone else so far: Yes!

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Boobies on a calculator?

I had a Casio pocket calculator at school too...

Now, if only I could remember the joke sum that got you there...

It is RUDE when turned upside down on an electronic calculator, as I learnt at age 10. As indeed is 1134 to the power of 40.

It's "boobies" but in numbers.

Um, have you heard the calculator joke about that?

There was a 13 year old girl who was a size 84. She wanted to be a 45. She went to the doctor, he said 0, take these pills 2x a day. She took 'em four, she ended up...

13844502x4 = 55378008

Maturin's favourite number?

Probably heading for the first wrong answer here, but all I can see is that it's the number that, when viewed upside down on a calculator, gives you "BOOBIES".

upside down on a pocket calculator it spells "Boobies"
It's an album by the Electrons
It's a fanfic with buffy/xena crossover http://www.atpobtvs.com/existentialscoobies/fictionary/f020228A-NXz.shtml

And it's probably a phone number in Woodford Green, Essex!

If you enter it on a calculator and turn the calculator upside down, and squint a bit, it spells 'boobies'...

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