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Sue Mason's TAFF Trip: call for memories
Paging USians in particular, but anyone else is fine too.

Did you meet Sue on her TAFF trip? Do you have photos, con reports, blog information? any other material about the trip that you'd be willing to see included as side material in a TAFF report? Do you know anyone else who does? Please cast the net widely.

Do you remember seeing Sue? Are you coming to Interaction? Would you be willing to be taped talking about meeting Sue? I'm trying to start to get a feel for what stuff there is out there.

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There ought to be a fair number of pictures and whatnot from the Taff-on-a-Stick expedition. gerisullivan might have the best handle on where to find relics of the expedition.

And yes, I remember meeting/seeing Sue. I have somewhat blurry memories of Sue colonizing the bathtub in the Minneapolis in '73 party at Chicon 2000 (the bathtub is where we stashed the beer). Which suggests that lsanderson might also be a good person to check in with in your search for pictures.

When it comes to pictures involving MnStf, checking with dd_b is usually a good idea. So it's possible that he's also a repository of Pictures of Sue.

Yep; I have a good number of photos from TAFF-on-a-stick. I even know where at least some of them are.

I was not among the photographers snapping away while Sue went down on the butter dildo Ctein sculpted during the supplemental dead dog party we hosted in the suite, but I've seen the pictures so I know they exist. I'm pretty sure Ctein himself was among the photographers. Sue's TAFF report needs visual evidence of the event.

The Toad Hall Register includes the drawing Sue made commemorating her visit, and I have at least a few remaining memories of her stay. Delightfully supplemented by contemporaneous email records, showing arrival and departure dates, a planned dinner outing that was at least going to include carbonel, who met Sue at the airport, and jbru, and small bits of color, such as this post trip exchange:

(Sue, then Geri, then Sue)
]>>Britain *has* fallen into the sea while I've been away - no fuel, huge
]>>lines at the pumps and food shortages imminent - send butter bust of
]>>Dairy Queen, asap!
]>Grin. Would you like some deep fried pickles with that?

Also of possible use, Sue's trip itinerary:

] 18th Aug arrive in SF
] 24th Aug arrive in Seattle
] 28th Aug arrive in Minneapolis
] 31st August arrive in Chicago
] 6th Sept arrive in NY
] 9th Sept home!
] (then I plan to go to sleep for about a week!)

She stayed with kate_schaefer while in Seattle.

At this point, it doesn't look like I'll be at Interaction. If circumstances change, yes, I'll be glad to be taped about meeting Sue. In the meanwhile, I'll be glad to at least compile a more complete set of notes of the grand occasion.

shame if you can't come to Interaction...

But thanks for all the things to go on! You are a star!

My memories were even blurrier than I expected, as it was at ConJose that Sue liberated the bathroom full of beer, not Chicon 2000.

Although I'm confident that if there were a bathroom full of beer at Chicon, and Sue had found it, she would have liberated it.

I believe it's possible I took Sue to the Winchester Mystery House (as I took Brisingamen and later Brisingamen and Peake). Yes, I'm quite sure I did. I'll talk to her about it to see if it jars anything in my memories...


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