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How about a rec.arts.sf.fandom community?
It struck me that it would be a good idea to have a LJ community for people who remember the heyday of rec.arts.sf.fandom. I wasn't so much thinking of using it as a community as just a way of spotting who the relevant people were when looking at their user info.

I haven't created it yet because I wasn't sure if people had done it already, and I wasn't sure how to spell it.


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I'll add that to my interests, then.

Where is the demand?

I think bohemiancoast was trying to gauge whether there is any. And since there are three people already in this thread suggesting an alternative approach it seems there is some interest.

Sounds like a not half bad idea to me.

It still wouldn't give us Usenet-style threading and showing all the new posts, but I like it.

The usernames rassef and rassf are both available, as is rasf_fandom. (We're limited to fifteen characters, and only lowercase letters, digits, and underscores.)

The great advantage of having it as a community, rather than just listing it as an interest, is that by going to http://www.livejournal.com/users/{foo}/friends, you can see what everyone who's in the community is saying.

I created the LJ communities rasff, rasfc, and rasfw some time ago, but never publicised them. You can start using them straight away if you like.

Here is the userinfo page for the rasff LJ community in which I explained:
I have created this community for LiveJournal users who enjoy the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.sf.fandom. At the moment, it is completely open to anyone to post to. I'd like to keep it that way in the spirit of Usenet, as long as nobody abuses that spirit. In the meantime, I would just ask anyone posting to respect the Usenet newsgroup's charter, which is as follows:

Charter: Discussions of fannish activities; meant to provide a new home for the SF-related part of the traffic currently posted to alt.fandom.* and similar postings current in rec.arts.sf-lovers.

OK, I've now joined rasff and I encourage others to do likewise.

Joining the rasff community as a member

If you want to add your LJ to the friendslist, don't forget to join the community as a member by using the "click here" link in the userinfo page. At the moment drplokta and I are listed as members, so those of you who have only friended rasff will see our journal entries in the friends view, but we won't see yours.

I've joined both rasff and rasfc. I'll add them to my interests, too, that was good thinking. I think I've got a lot of old rasf*ers among my friends, but sometimes I don't know who they are. Such is LJ...

Yesterday at the "Looking Upward" event (joint BSFA/SFF AGM cum one-day convention) I was going around asking people—who I knew had mutually friended someone who had friended me—who the mystery person was. Even people who had friended them back didn't know.

Eventually brisingamen cured my ignorance by pointing across the room at someone I already knew: I just didn't know they had an LJ.

That single event has added about three people to my friends list :-)

Good idea! One of the reasons I was so happy to find LJ was that I missed the heyday of raseff.

When I once again had means to follow newsgroups, the glory that was seemed faded, and gone away to other places.

But to know others who took part, well that would be nice, and so I'm off to join rasff.


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