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Safely back from the Cinema

I'm torn between posting a review here, or posting one on raseff where people will just be going out to the movies.

It's a measure of how tired I am that I forgot to put the review in here.
Jar Jar has been neutralised (mostly). So that's ok.
Overall the film is fine; lots of cool stuff to look at (that's the point, right?)
But this may be the worst on-screen romance in the history of cinema. There's not even a big problem with the acting; but you can't do much with lines like "I have been dying a little inside every day since you walked back into my life".
Whatever else you know about the tangled web of personal relationships in the Star Wars saga, it's clear that dodgy hair is hereditary.
Great sets, triff clones. And there were even a couple of times when things happened that weren't just filling in backstory.
It appears Christopher Lee holds the world franchise on dodgy characters who befriend heroes but are seduced by the dark side. In fact, his character in this one appears to have been based on Saruman; Lucas steals from the best.
Fortunately, the Wizard Fu scene is notably better this time. In fact, the audience I saw it with split their sides at this point.
Better than the previous film. Not as good as either Star Wars or Empire. Only £3.50 at the local fleapit.

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