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Gosh hasn't it got a big screen?
The new iMac came with quite the simplest set up ever; plug old iMac into new iMac, wait approximately three hours; and then sit down to a desktop identical to the old one except much faster and with a much bigger screen. Oh, and with a few new features like this posting-to-lj widget.

Fewer crumbs in the keyboard too.

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My keyboard hygiene was considerably improved by buying a canister of compressed air (or something - the contents list is a little vague). I really bought it to clean the bed of my scanner, but it comes with a fine nozzle that is just right for getting a good whoosh under the keys. It's amazing and rather disgusting what comes out.

I need to have Jordin take off the keyboard and clean out the cat hair...


If only I could upgrade my body as easy. I Do need a faster CPU and more memory.

That migration tool is really useful - used on all the 3 Macs I'm now running. I also use a thing called ChronoSync to synchronise specific sets of files between them - not quite a backup (though it will do that too) but it makes sure the most important files are on at least 2 machines.

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