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Automator neep neep

I'm looking at Automator in Tiger. The very first thing that it struck me it would be useful to do would be to have a script on a web page that:

1. extracted the text from a page and dropped it into a mail message;
2. saved the page as a .pdf;
3. attached the .pdf to the email; and
4. emailed it to my gMail account to that webpage would be forever archived and searchable through gMail.

I am, as you might expect, stuck stuck stuck. I can extract text from website, but don't seem to be able to paste it to a mail message, and I can't see an action for print-to-pdf, one of the things I do More Often Than Anything Else.

Not for the first time, I realise I am Not A Natural Programmer; it is becoming clear that until programming is reduced to actual clicking on actual bunnies I am not going to be able to cope with it.

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