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OK, I am a sad bunny, now that you mention it
Is anyone else interested in coming to hear Kansas at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on Sunday June 12? There's little point buying tickets together as its all unreserved, but some notion of upstairs (seated unless you get there a bit late) or downstairs (standing but this band is almost metal so it might be a bit much) would be good...

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... and upstairs (and I *will* sing along to Dust in the Wind, but then I figure I won't be the only one!)

I wonder if Zander wants to go ...

Well, Zander's not on my friends list -- do you want to let him know?

I should probably have mentioned that it's £25 -- not much by gig standards these days but rather high for the SBE.

What, you think they'll play Dust in the Wind?

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