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Tim and Marcia's barbecue

Tim and Marcia's barbecue
Originally uploaded by BohemianCoast.

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Ah, the ususal suspects.

FF in the Worldcon art mines, tired now, want to go back to work for a rest.

Is that Lawson.S. at the front mid-left? Shows you how long I've been on "sabbatical", I can't put names and faces together anymore... *wanders off for more gin*

certainly is... we left our gin behind in Walthamstow and after about 2 hours got a txt of form "where is the spare tonic...?"

The cheeky buggers! You don't leave good tonic lying around for just anyone...

You didn't leave Flick babysitting? Boggles.

No. Took kids, who disgraced themselves utterly. Left Flick who would have been asset to party. Considered leaving kids but decided not to because their friends would be there. But they Disgraced Themselves Utterly so this was obviously mistake. Had to try to clean excess cream off Coveney.

Well that's good then, the whole point of taking children or dogs to events like this is so that they might disgrace themselves utterly.

followed rapidly by txt "and where do you keep the Benson & Hedges?"

Do you think people would be too offended if I wrote that they look like a scene from the Wombles?

It's Steve Lawson's hat that does it...

Actually for me it's the general portliness and amount of hair.

It's the beards, they look like prime Womble fur.

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