Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,


OK. Dr Plokta is foaming at the mouth and can't do anything else until he confirms the exact time and date when the last Buffy episode will be shown on Sky. Anyone?

Meanwhile, I have "Cult of LiveJournal Service" down for 9:30 on Saturday night. Can I assume that if we put it in the programme, people will come, celebrate mass, perhaps have an inquisition, pass out laminated badges with LJ usernames on, that sort of thing? Or do I need to do something a bit more organised.

Any program items that people have been bursting to see at a con/ appear on / organise? Now is the time to tell us.

Dressing up opportunities:

Saturday night -- dress up to the nines
Sunday afternoon -- school sports day
Sunday evening -- Bollywood night

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