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Sunday morning. Scampering sound outside
Sunday morning. Scampering sound outside our bedroom window turns out to be squirrel on the drainpipe.

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Aren't they noisy buggers? We used to hear a terribly loud shrieking noise which puzzled us until we discovered it was squirrels shouting at each other.

Them treerats run after each other across my AC unit. Sounds loud enough to wake the dead and I'm not a person who startles well. Have airgun have scope, now I think I'll start by saying "Here lil treerat, come to Papa..."

Should I be disturbed by your frying pan icon, in this context?

I learned both the US southern style of cooking treerat but while living in Paris lerned the Alsance and Slovak methods. I guess Chefs hate treerats but hate to waste good meat.

You turned fourty!?! Gosh, I'm older than you. I am amused.

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