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At the dog track; losing my shirt.

At the dog track; losing my shirt.

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I'm guessing this is Hall Green. Or are they running a special Coventry dog night for public sector hotshots?

Yup, Hall Green. Stayed for 10 races, bet £2 per race, won absolutely nothing. One chap from our course bet on only three races, cleared over £100; "oh yes but I used to own a greyhound..."

You were in Hall Green? Blimey: that's about two miles down the road; Ann and I would have been chuffed to join you...

I didn't know we were going to Hall Green until the minibus got there. Where I actually *am* this week is Warwick Business School. And it was a sort of 'teambuilding' type event for our student cohort, so we couldn't have really met up.

But now am experienced better-on-dogs so will probably be down at Walthamstow dog track frequently...

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