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(no subject)
malwen and I are fine (I'm at Warwick Business School of course). M is on a school trip today, to Bethnal Green; Steven is tracking down whether the school has cancelled the trip (they would normally have gone by tube or train I think) and if not what is going on.

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Thank F*** for that. Let me know once M is accounted for.

I didn't know you were at Warwick.


Glad you're all ok. So far the closest person I know is a Dr friend in Whitechapel(I think), who says that his A&E has got a tad busy with injuries.

M's school trip cancelled.

I'm at home, Julie's safe in Foyles. Let me know if you need any help :-)

Thanks Pat. No help required but feel free to pop in and have a beer if you would like. Hope Julie gets back without too much stress.

Is anyone really safe in Foyles...

... unless they're independently wealthy, at least?

Glad to learn everybody is safe.

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