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Least Plausible Advertising Slogan of All Time?

spotted on the Victoria line this evening. Suggestions for better advertising slogans for the North East of England welcome -- plaudits from their own website include "the countryside's quite nice and they're really trying to improve Middlesbrough town centre".

the_gardener commented -- "Hartlepool: the New Tuscany"...

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I must get a photograph of "Lancashire - a place where everyone matters." Every time I pass it I replace the "a" with a "u"

why stop with a photo...

... get the soundtrack.

How about "Durham's not bad"?

Seventies post marking...

Modern Wigan has no peer

I don't remember what the actual slogan was, but certain Turbo-APA folks used to run with "Wisconsin: A place you can go."

You know, if you added a "to" there, it would be a great veiled insult.
Texas: a place you can go to.

And so apropos for Texas, too!

(N.B. I do not live in Texas.)

Redcar! It's not red, but it's got cars in it!

That's right up there with "Saltburn -- for if you thought Skegness was bracing..."

Saltburn: it does exactly what it says on the tin.

For a while the South Australian one was "Going all the way with SA"...

Well, I dunno, but that's probably where we'll be spending a little time after Glasgow. I remember wishing Jordin were with me when I was in York several years ago, so...

Anybody remember the name of the hotel we had the York Smofcon at?



HTH, HAND, &c.

A quick google on 'smofcon york' shows it was the Monkbar Hotel.

Aha, I wondered if that one might be it. Why I didn't think to Google is beyond me. Brain damage from too much socialising I shouldn't wonder.


Seal Sands, you know when you've found home.

Newcastle, if you are tired of puking your guts up after 17 pints and a magmaloo on the biggmarket you are tired of life (However, before there are complaints, the quayside is very nice, and awwwwfully posh)

Victoria: The Place to be

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