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Pre-Worldcon Friends List meme
Meme from everyone on LJ; but I have mutated it a little: behind the cut tag is my 'friend of' list, with people I've met in person in boldface. (This is because I have already met nearly everyone on my friends list, and where I haven't, I already know pretty much why not). Again, I may have made a mistake in either direction; if so, correct me in comments. I think I am going to have to befriend a pile of people; and am unaccountably hurt to see that a couple of my 'friends' have dropped me. And aren't nolley and collyer the same person? Cos I can't think who else they could be.

adamek, adela_terrell, ailsaek, ajshepherd, akicif, akirlu, alexmc, almeda, andrewducker, ang_grrr, animoose, annafdd, armb, athenais, baldanders, bibliofile, bibliotrope, billzilla, braxa, brisingamen, brithistorian, bugshaw, cakmpls, camies, catabolism, ceiliog, chilperic, ckd, coalescent, cobrabay, cogitationitis, collyer, coth, cpt_buggernuts, crazysoph, cuboid_ursinoid, dalmeny, darth_tigger, davidcook, davidlevine, davidschroth, dear_hubby, del_c, despotliz, dhole, dmw, dougs, drpete, drplokta, eleyan, feorag, ffutures, filkerdave, fishlifter, fivemack, fjm, flickgc, flyingsauce, frandowdsofa, frostfox, gerisullivan, greengolux, groliffe, gummitch, hawkida, hazelchaz, hddod, headgardener, ianmcdonald, james_nicoll, jerrykaufman, johncoxon, jonsinger, jrittenhouse, jry, judip, juliebata, kate_schaefer, kateyule, kjersti, l_zinkiewicz, la_marquise_de_, ladymoonray, laurel, libertango, lproven, lsanderson, lydy, madcatwoman, major_clanger, malwen, marykaykare, marypcb, maryread, meremaiden, miramon, mkillingworth, molesworth, mr_tom, mrhedgehog, muninnhuginn, munquie, neilf, nolley, numbat, nuttyxander, orangemike, ortho_bob, papersky, pdcawley, peake, pecunium, philbradley, pickledginger, pmcmurray, pnh, profundo_rosso, purplecthulhu, purpletigron, ramtops, red_cloud, redbird, replyhazy, roadnotes, rwrylsin, sbisson, scarlatti, sdn, serendipoz, smallphoenix, smallship1, smofbabe, sneerpout, snowking, somebodies, spikeiowa, sraun, suaveswede, supergee, surliminal, svtompkins, swisstone, tamaranth, the_gardener, the_maenad, the_magician, thette, timill, tnh, tobesv, vandaaway, vgqn, von_krag, wag_9393, waglets (can't wait, in fact!), whotheheckami, whumpdotcom, wookiepocket, yonmei, zorinth

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Seem to be - the earlier collyer seems to be dormant.

They are both the same person: the first time around, he put the wrong name int he box by accident....

Yes, we've met but not in any way I'd call satisfactory. That is we've never had any sort of useful conversation face to face. It's a pity that I travelled overseas before connecting with the people I met rather than after. If I had known you all a little first it would have added to the experience greatly. I'd of been able to supply a something more in the way of interesting conversation too.

I'm pretty sure we've met at ConFrancisco.

I wasn't quite sure, so left it as not rather than suffer the embarrassment of 'no, we've never met once'. You're in now.

We may have met, briefly, at a Boskone once, when you had a small child. Though I wouldn't swear to it.

Well, that's possible; also 1999 like baldanders. Small child was Marianne who was then just two.

I hate saying things like this -- I have a truly dreadful memory of my past -- but I don't remember having met you.

very briefly. We were staying at pnh & tnh's flat; you came round. In 1999.

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