Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Pre-Worldcon Friends List meme

Meme from everyone on LJ; but I have mutated it a little: behind the cut tag is my 'friend of' list, with people I've met in person in boldface. (This is because I have already met nearly everyone on my friends list, and where I haven't, I already know pretty much why not). Again, I may have made a mistake in either direction; if so, correct me in comments. I think I am going to have to befriend a pile of people; and am unaccountably hurt to see that a couple of my 'friends' have dropped me. And aren't nolley and collyer the same person? Cos I can't think who else they could be.

adamek, adela_terrell, ailsaek, ajshepherd, akicif, akirlu, alexmc, almeda, andrewducker, ang_grrr, animoose, annafdd, armb, athenais, baldanders, bibliofile, bibliotrope, billzilla, braxa, brisingamen, brithistorian, bugshaw, cakmpls, camies, catabolism, ceiliog, chilperic, ckd, coalescent, cobrabay, cogitationitis, collyer, coth, cpt_buggernuts, crazysoph, cuboid_ursinoid, dalmeny, darth_tigger, davidcook, davidlevine, davidschroth, dear_hubby, del_c, despotliz, dhole, dmw, dougs, drpete, drplokta, eleyan, feorag, ffutures, filkerdave, fishlifter, fivemack, fjm, flickgc, flyingsauce, frandowdsofa, frostfox, gerisullivan, greengolux, groliffe, gummitch, hawkida, hazelchaz, hddod, headgardener, ianmcdonald, james_nicoll, jerrykaufman, johncoxon, jonsinger, jrittenhouse, jry, judip, juliebata, kate_schaefer, kateyule, kjersti, l_zinkiewicz, la_marquise_de_, ladymoonray, laurel, libertango, lproven, lsanderson, lydy, madcatwoman, major_clanger, malwen, marykaykare, marypcb, maryread, meremaiden, miramon, mkillingworth, molesworth, mr_tom, mrhedgehog, muninnhuginn, munquie, neilf, nolley, numbat, nuttyxander, orangemike, ortho_bob, papersky, pdcawley, peake, pecunium, philbradley, pickledginger, pmcmurray, pnh, profundo_rosso, purplecthulhu, purpletigron, ramtops, red_cloud, redbird, replyhazy, roadnotes, rwrylsin, sbisson, scarlatti, sdn, serendipoz, smallphoenix, smallship1, smofbabe, sneerpout, snowking, somebodies, spikeiowa, sraun, suaveswede, supergee, surliminal, svtompkins, swisstone, tamaranth, the_gardener, the_maenad, the_magician, thette, timill, tnh, tobesv, vandaaway, vgqn, von_krag, wag_9393, waglets (can't wait, in fact!), whotheheckami, whumpdotcom, wookiepocket, yonmei, zorinth

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