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Sharee Carton has returned from Camden Market
Sharee Carton has returned from Camden Market

Sharee seems to have had a little bit of an accident in Camden Market. She is shown here surrounded by all manner of purchases, from Afghan antique jewellery to socks suitable for Pirate Night.

Sharee Carton has returned from Camden Market.

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Gosh. Please thank Sharee for the copy of Right Up There, currently sitting in my "to loc" tray.

Does this mean she and Randy Byers are in the UK right now? And there was I thinking from previous e-mail exchanges with Randy that they weren't arriving until next week....

Sharee has been here for a couple of days getting over jet lag and before going to France for the weekend. Randy's coming over next week.

Aha! That clarifies things.

Hope you've arrested all the terrorists by the time I get there. Can't have all this excitement on the Underground!

Thanks for posting this picture, by the way, and for taking care of the girl.

(Yes, I've finally set up an account, but I still haven't figured out all the bells and whistles! Guess I should go RTFM.)

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