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HP spoilers (not I hope here): I am grumpy grumpy grumpy
Someone out there on the Internet is posting great big juicy Harry Potter spoilers in 120 point type in LJ threads. ie key details rather than just 'x dies'. I'm feeling a bit sulky about not having read it yet now. (I got stuck on book five).

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I will finish it today, probably - I'm skimming LJ until then, and not opening ANY HP related threads, just in case.

these aren't Harry Potter related threads. They find discussions with comments, and stick them in the middle of unrelated threads.

Bastards ! I've managed to miss them so far, I shall tread very carefully for the rest of the day ...

There really are some twats out there. I think I've only ever been truly spoilered on a book once and that was 20 years ago when a "friend" (the infamous Dave) told me the end to the Thomas Covenant series when I had about 100 or so pages to go.

I have also accidently spoilered myself before , on Gene Wolfe's "Citadel of the Autarch" I accidently opened the book on the last page and my eyes flashed across the final paragraph. I spent the entire evening at that con (Empathicon '82 IMSMR) in my room reading the sodding book to find out how the ending happened!

Neither the depth, nor the charm...

I'd think that not having to read the rest of the Thomas Covenant books would be a blessing rather than a curse ;)

That's just plain mean. And childish.

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