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Meme: Top Fives
From coalescent: Ask me for my 'top five' list of pretty much anything, and I'll list them.

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1. Tuna melt
2. Brie & avocado
3. pret salmon & rocket
4. parma ham and mascarpone
5. smoked salmon & cream cheese

1. Draughtsman's Contract
2. Twin Peaks*
3. Gattaca
4. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
5. Heartlands

This one was hard, though I did manage to resist the temptation to include five Nymans.
*this is actually a TV show. Bite me.

I'd go for:
Danny Elfman - Batman
The Kronos Quartet/Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream
Various - Natural Born Killers
Air - Virgin Suicides

Can't think of a 5th offhand. Sure I will later. Anything Nyman would work though.

You'd probably like the Requiem for a Dream and Virgin Suicides ones.

Virgin Suicides is a bit droopy (and I speak as an owner.)

I'd have taken The Piano over Draughstman's Contract but it is great.

Kill Bill!!!

1. Marianne.

er... that's it.

Boo! Hiss! Alright.. fanzines that aren;t Plokta.

I hava e cover idea - will email..

Top 5 fanzines that aren't Plokta:

1. Chunga
2. Banana Wings
3. Zoo Nation
4. Wabe
5. Trapdoor

Still more boo! Still more hiss!!

oops was that meant to include Floss???

(Deleted comment)
Holy fuck. I only have 3,000 songs tagged with folk genre, provided you don't count World (80% of which is local folk) and all the folk that's tagged as rock.

OK. We'll split this. You get five folk songs for singing, five trad arrs and five modern songs in the folk style not counting Richard Thompson and five Richard Thompson songs.

My top fives on all of these might change tomorrow. I think I would probably have much less trouble choosing a pool of 200 songs...

Actual folk songs such as you might sing:

1. Green Grow the Rushes Oh
2. The Trees They Grow High
3. I Wonder What is Keeping My True Love Tonight
4. Country Life
5. I live not where I love


1. Poverty Knock, Jim Moray
2. Lord Bateman, Chris Wood
3. Dives and Lazarus, Oysterband & June Tabor
4. Prickly Bush, Nic Jones
5. Sovay, Jah Wobble & the Invaders of the Heart

Moderns by people other than Richard Thompson:

1. King of Morning, Queen of Day, Horslips
2. The Black and Bitter Night, Damien Barber (but it's a Peter Bellamy song)
3. Wat Tyler, Fairport Convention
4. The Colours, the Men they Couldn't Hang
5. Love Vigilantes, Oysterband (but it's a New Order Song)

Richard Thompson Songs

1. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
2. Beeswing
3. Wall of Death
4. Night Comes In
5. From Galway to Graceland

Mobile phone models. Or if that's too specialised, portable consumer electronic devices, but must be named models.

I don't really know anything about phones, or much about consumer devices I don't own. So, instead we have two real devices and three I'd like to own:

1. 120Gb iPod Mini
2. Sony Ericsson K750i
3. Something that combines the functionality of a Pentax Optio S5 with a phone connection; not for making calls but explicitly for photoblogging small, high quality photos. With full-frame 24fps video and a nice big datacard natch.
4. The device that Sony made to supplant the Clie TH-55. Oh, they stopped making PDAs? Well, imagine that they hadn't.
5. Solio

In fact, I think there's just *one* consumer electronic device I want:

It is made by Apple and has a form factor no larger than the Clie.
It plays music as well as the iPod and records stereo music with a mic input in mp3 or lossless; ordinary minijack headphone socket obviously.
It has the functionality of the Clie (ie palm or similar highly-optomised PDA OS, graffiti, touchscreen, full address book/calendar/todo type stuff, camera, plays lots of third party games which you can download from the internet, none of this buy via operator crap).
It has a camera at least as good as the K750i.
It has a phone (with voice dialing to bluetooth headset obviously as well as all normal phone stuff, FM radio).
It has wifi, bluetooth; and it seamlessly works out whether it needs to connect to local network with bluetooth, wifi, or via GRPS to get online. Its web browser is not totally shite.
It has a 200Gb hard drive.

Oops, and as malwen points out; it's solar charged. But to be honest, if I'm going for solar charging, I might as well add that it has two lenses so that it takes natural (63mm separation) stereo photos.

1. Duck Soup
2. Casablanca
3. Citizen Kane
4. Metropolis
5. Kind Hearts and Coronets

Cover versions of songs.

Oh, what a great topic! I won't mention Love Vigilantes again because I included it in the list above (modern song in folk style -- when I first heard Oysterband playing this they introduced it with 'we always knew it was a folk song...) but it is a favourite. I'm not including folk songs here; as I tried to imply above, so much of the power of modern folk is the way that people reinterpret songs you've heard many times before.

1. Oops! I Did it Again, Richard Thompson (originally Kylie Minogue)
2. Bankrobber, Chumbawamba (originally the Clash)
3. Verdi Cries, June Tabor (originally 10,000 Maniacs)
4. Rainy Night in Soho, Mary McPartian (originally the Pogues)
5. Unicorns, Artisan (originally Bill Caddick)

Lo- or No-FX SF films.

But all of film making is artifice... I'm concentrating on ones where the effects aren't really the point. Will that do?
So Dark Star gets in because its total budget was so small that it couldn't rely on the effects, and Gattaca gets in because although it has plenty of effects (mostly set design), you could put it on stage perfectly well.

1. Gattaca
2. La Jetee
3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
4. La Cabina
5. Dark Star

Unsolved math problems.

1. Odd perfect numbers
2. The twin prime conjecture
3. Reimann Hypothesis
4. Catalan's Conjecture
5. number of polyominoes of arbitrary size n

oops, that's not anonymous, that's me.

1. Odd perfect numbers
2. The twin prime conjecture
3. Reimann Hypothesis
4. Catalan's Conjecture
5. number of polyominoes of arbitrary size n

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