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Village Kitchen Coffee Bar

There's a new smart coffee bar in Walthamstow! And it's open sensible hours, run by the lovely, lovely Village Kitchen people, and on my route to the station. Woot! Mind you, as spellings of 'cappuccino' go, this is not the best.

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Dare I ask if the coffee is any good?

ha! Well, it was sort-of-only-okay on opening day; no skimmed milk and new staff who were sort of we're-not-sure-we-do-what-the-boss-tells-us. But I think they'll probably get their act together quite quickly.

I had a latte (not skinny) at 6.30pm. They were a bit slow working out how to make it, but it was really nice. Better than the VK restaurant in fact - I assumed that it was a better class of auto-barista.

I keep passing it and thinking I must stop some day, but seem to be a little busy this week.

So, should we make a date for after Worldcon?

We might do better to go to the 'proper restaurant', the Village Kitchen, with its £15 for 2 courses and a bottle of wine deal in August.

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