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Caro with a lovely pair of jugs.

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Almost the perfect girlfriend ... if only she came with curry as well :-)

Is that you, or are you perchance channelling G?


The plastic bottles look almost identical to those in which milk is sold here. Except our milk isn't so dark. Just goes to show what happens when you don't refrigerate stuff.

that's because they *are* milk bottles

it's not a bad idea really; up until last year the bar sold you a four pint plastic keg that got refilled (or swapped for a full one) when you took it back, they needed washing and were a bit of a pain to carry around, weren't designed to be recycled and I'm sure lots were abandoned on the field at the end of the festival.

In theory the plastic milk bottles are designed to be single use and sent to the plastic recycling afterwards which should be more hygienic and less hassle; they're cheap and easily available (because the milk industry uses millions of the things). Of course this only works if the bar actually has enough of the them! (After restocking, the bar managed to run out of lids! which is better than the other way round of course but carrying the bottle required concentration)

Re: that's because they *are* milk bottles

Given the choice between a couple of two litre bottles and a four litre bottle I think I'd go for the smaller ones every time as they're so much easier to carry about. I'm appalled to learn they managed to run out though. This is as insulting as running out of beer. Do people never learn?

Re: that's because they *are* milk bottles

Well, they didn't run out of glasses, which is something; and both the old and new containers are 4-pint sized, we've never had the option of buying 4-litres of beer in one container (and never will, it would have to be 8-pints, you can't sell beer in litres in this country)

Re: that's because they *are* milk bottles

You mean they've stopped the really useful soup carriers. Shame! We did very well with one of those containers yesterday, when we had more cold courgette soup than could be accommodated in the largest flask.

Oh, people were talking about the BEER....

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