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Interaction help??
Is anyone either in Glasgow, or driving, who has a device that plays CDs & tapes, and has either a headphone socket or an audio out? Cos if so could you bring it along please? I have visions of an emergency trip to Dixons tomorrow...

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Um, I probably have - will check..

Thanks! Headphone socket isn't essential but would make our lives a lot easier.

have you got the headphones? i don't..

Ah on checking, it's just CDs - my old one did tapes - any good?

better than nothing, thanks!

Ian will have all this kinda stuff tho if you want to try him, I expect he;s bringing it for the play anyway..

I bought a boom box today, in case I need it for bellydancing workshop - and I wanted one for the studio so I can listen to cd's while painting - it's already packed in the car.


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