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Congratulations guys! Very well deserved.

Thanks.. and commiserations to you. I hope you'll take some solace from the fact that you were top in first place votes.

Hey, no worries. I have a rockety thing. This year was your party. Enjoy!

Good Lord -- you mean you get one Hugo per household?

* boggle!!! *

Had Wild Heirs ever won, it would have bankrupted the WSFS.

We are not at all sure. It used to be one per winner, and at some point they started to do two for joint winners. But they don't do multiples for the dramatic presentation categories, which have loads of names. We are not sure whether they have done three before for a group of three.

Plokta has three editors and we got one Hugo per editor. Which is nice because we do, as you say, have three mantlepieces (actually, Sue has a fourth, but we reckon that she already has her Fan Artist Hugo).

Whoohoo! Huzzah! And congratulations to Sue, too!

Keep those posts a coming, please!

Alison, you look radiant.

The Evillllll Plotkaitessss are now Hugo powered, run for your livessssssssssssss! I guess dancing ridents are now deserved to you all. :-)

(Deleted comment)
Huh? I rather thought that was a live blog post -- I mean, we had only got off stage and back to our seats a few seconds before that photo was taken.

Gosh, wow, and an oh, boy!

Well done.

Congratulations to all!

Huzzah! Keep up the Good Work - even if I don't get to see it anymore(*snif*) 'cept online. :D

you need to remind me of your new address please; of course you can have a copy.

I've emailed you via LJ. Thanks.

Congratulations! And thank goodness you don't have to take that lot through customs. Imagine having to explain why you're bringing multiple rockets into the country.

There's a whole mythology building up about the best way to get a Hugo through airport security. It looks really, really worrying on an xray.

Time they stopped making the Hugos out of such primitive substances. Indeed, time they stopped making them full stop. What we need are living, growing Hugos designed with genesplicing, nanotechnology and all that other stuff what the hep sf authors use to seal the holes in their novels. Surer, you might have to water it but at least security won't give it a second look.

living, growing Hugos

-- but then they'd be caught by plant health rules about the importation of alien rusts and such, which would cause even more problems.

Well how about if the rocket part of the Hugo was made by modifying a sponge so that it grew into the right shape. That way not only would a properly prepared sponge (that is like the sponges you can buy at the shops) not show up on scans but you could use it in the shower as well.

Or one of those memory metals, which could transform into a flat sheet to go through customs and then switch back into a rocket when you get home.

The award looks like its found the home its been looking for.

Yay! Congratulations--well done.

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