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Is it possible to be this tired and live?
Came home via sleeper. Am exhausted. Con vv good. Appear to have contracted hideous incurable Bridget Jones virus along with most of fandom. v bad. Is there an antidote?

Ahem. Start again.

I spent most of the convention in and around the fan room and its associated programme, which were being run by the Plokta cabal with the help of the fishlifters. I did get 5 hours sleep a night, except where I didn't. Um. I always left enough time to get five hours sleep and then an hour of getting up and getting breakfast before whatever I was doing, except that twice (Saturday and Sunday nights), I woke up after 3 hours sleep, lively, clear-headed and generally up for getting on with it ("still drunk", said the greek chorus). That allowed me to meet loads of interesting new and old fans who also tend to stay up too late.

I don't know to what extent the fan room suited the con. It worked exactly as we'd planned; the bar area was a bit more mixed, with more people I didn't know, still quite comfy though, and the lounge area was more comfortable and more prone to having my friends in it, but I think still welcoming to people who didn't know us all. I found it straightforward to find interesting conversations at any time, but I liked that it was also a place in which people could chill with a fanzine or a book, or whack each other with foam lightsabres. We gave away thousands of fanzines, and I must have had dozens of conversations where people looked at the massive stacks (no mouldering piles here; this was Greg's selection of duplicates of the better fanzines, alphabetised and sorted by continent. You aren't ever going to see a fanzine giveaway table like this again) and said 'where do I start' -- I'd pull out six likely fanzines more or less at random, suggest they read those and then write to editors for newer copies where the address is the same. We also raised money for fan funds through the auction, donations, a sales table, and the Great Tat Tombola -- we discovered that only the British understand what a tombola (a form of instant win raffle where you pull tickets from a drum and (normally) tickets ending in 0 or 5 are winners) is. Or what tat is for that matter.

We got a Hugo for Plokta, not bad after only 34 and-a-bit issues and 7 nominations. People tell me I squealed but I thought it was frostfox, who was sitting right in front of me and who had just won the Fan Artist Hugo. I am grinning like a maniac in all the photos. We hijacked the official Hugo photocall to get proper photos of the entire cabal together (apart from children and cats), though I haven't yet seen one that doesn't make me look wild-eyed and psychotic. After the photos we rode through the streets of Glasgow in an open topped bus brandishing our Hugos -- I recommend this. We then went to the Hugo Losers party, where the general excitement of the night caused me to take 45 minutes to notice I was in a massive queue for 1/2 glass of cheap tepid wine and a small plate of finger food. At which point we left. We spent a little while with the CUSFS gathering in the bar (Mike and I are apparently the first CUSFS alumni to win a Hugo, surprisingly); I regret not spending longer here as many of my oldest fannish friends were there, but I erroneously believed I had a duty to hit parties. I then realised that there were loads of parties, the proportion of people I knew was way down on the fan room, I didn't appear to have quite enough energy to 'work the room', and I was missing the Fannish Olympics back at the Moat House. So papersky and elisem rescued me, we returned, and Much Champagne followed. In our absence dmw had retained his knurdling record, and ednun had managed a perfect score on the entirely fiendish Towel Fu.

Here's a pic of my Hugo; other ignominies it suffered included Hugo Ring Toss (thanks to seph_hazard for loan of bracelets) and How The Devil Are We Supposed to Unscrew This For Packing?

More later; I really am too shattered to write a con report. It was fun.

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I thought the fan lounge worked very well - it provided a nice retreat from the impersonality of the SECC, and made me feel like I was at a Novacon or Eastercon rather than a Worldcon.

I'd like to echo those comments! It was a great refuge from the rest of the con, and felt very much like a nice comfortable plokta.con...

So when is the next one????

We are currently in the middle of a post-Worldcon embargo on sudden decisions. We have two small projects that will occupy us this autumn (Sue's TAFF report and the Flick Book), but we then have to decide what to do longer term, and one of those things will be another plokta.con.

I've remembered what I left out of this -- it was intended to be run as a plokta.con within the Worldcon; committee were happy with that approach. What it actually felt like was a Novacon with more foreigners and less smoke, and with rather more members than you might expect, except not all at the same time.

Another Plokta.con? Maybe we can get to this one, as long as it doesn't conflict with WisCon 30...

And monster-sized congratulations on the Hugo.

I thought it alternated between feeling like vg Eastercon (programming, foreigners) and vg Plokta (general ambience). VV g. Gold start. Too many calories and alcoohol units tho..#

Dr Who party night next time!!

Dr Who party! Wow! for plokta of course, couldn't possibly do it at a Worldcon or would get dr who fans in profusion.

I really loved the Fan Room, it became my (and most of the third row's) defacto place of calm, relaxation and regrouping. The wall of fanzines was excellent, as was the opportunity to have a panel as daft as the algebreadist - though with that and the biscuit panel perhaps a foody track could be an idea.

It really helped me having only really done a plotka con before in being a friendly base in the sea of madness.

It would seem that on the whole those who I know enjoyed this worldcon a great deal.

You aren't ever going to see a fanzine giveaway table like this again


Congratulations, and welcome home.

I agree with swisstone, the fan lounge and fan programme worked very well - pretty much a con-within-the-Con.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Has arrived! Thanks very much!

I have another ignominious Hugo pic..

oh and also ps - I very much thought Going Back To see the Knurdling, which Andy and I did, was a Good Choice and I have some more great piccies of that right up there with Chariots of Fire..

PPS I blagged into the Hugo loser party (stunt Damien I think), skipped the queue as didn't want food and got a whole glass of wine !!! nyeh!!!!

I only knew a couple of people in the fan room - davidcook mainly - and I still thought it was great! I have a huge pile of fanzines and a bunch of new friends. Thanks!

I liked the fan room, was very happy with the fanzines I got, and wish I could have taken 5 times as many (only they all have to be got back to australia). Fan zine and accompanying real ale bar was definitely the best place of the con.

If you think that you have a nasty case of the BJ syndrome after reading the party reports, try shifting the nasty bug after writing an entire con report in the style. Is v hard. Makes me wonder how Helen Fielding copes with it. Wonder if she writes/speaks like that all the time?

V much loved the fan room, in fact that and the Hilton are what 'made' the WorldCon for me. I knew no-one attending except my dad and a few of his friends (all hardcore lit fans) who I hadn't seen since I was six, and the fan room introduced me to people I wouldn't have met otherwise and am v glad I did.

Am assuming that plokta.con would be in/around London as that is where the Cabal is based. If so I'll be there. Any ideas as to when the next issue is arriving? Did I ever get round to giving you my address?

We probably should have warned you off the BJ style because we've done a couple of previous con reports as Bridget Plokta previously. But the report's good; may need a little trimming but not much!

Am sure Helen Fielding copes Just Fine with her sackfuls of cash.

plokta.con is sort of somewhere-near-London -- we've done Leicester, Basingstoke, Newbury.

No, we don't have your address. Send it to the locs address.

Oooh, you read it! Gdgd. Didn't realise that was doing something that had already been done. Ahh well. It works anyway. Was aware that it would need trimming; I trust you not to slaghter it.

My adress is on my contact meme thing. There's a link to it from my profile.

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