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Lost and Found
I lost my voice at Interaction. Last seen somewhere in the fan room. Reward for return.

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I got near - more squeak than lost! I dont think I've ever seen you as tired as you seemed Monday night..

You should have seen me Tuesday night.

Were there parties TUESDAY? *faints in coils*

probably not. We struck the fan room, went to the Falkirk Wheel, went to allyoucaneatforanhour sushi, returned to the Moat House, and spent the last couple of hours of the con drinking with Greg & Catherine, Bill & Mary Burns, Brian and Caroline before getting our sleeper. But I was shattered.

mentioned all you can eat sushi, Wag just said "wheres that!!"

Good job we have back from glasgow now, I have seen how much sushi that man can consume.

Mmmm, wonder how much we could raise for TAFF in order for you not to get it back.

[Alison, I was only joking! Stop glaring at me and greasing the tip of that shiny rocket thingy...]

fjm, you, and now surliminal too. If there's a pattern energing here, some of us may be glad that we weren't there....

I had a splendid time, and I scarcely need my voice today; it'll return tomorrow or the next day. I realised on Friday morning, when I woke up thinking 'god, I'm wasted, but oh well, at least it's Sunday, con nearly over, probably ok, oh bugger it's only Friday', that I was having a bit of a pacing problem.

I think I didn't actually speak at all yesterday after 2pm!

Perhaps our voices have eloped to Gretna Green?

Is that across the Mississippi river from Metaire, if so it's a weird place to live. *grin*

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