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Cropredy village sign - we are in a camp

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I thought that last year's Cropredy was supposed to have been the last....?

(I note that the Cropredy website doesn't give any dates for a 2005 festival, but perhaps one needs to know the secret masters or something to secure a secret invitation to this secret festival.)

Every year's Cropredy is supposed to be the last. And then they decide to do just one more year....

I recall that last year's "last ever" was because the organisers were getting divorced and no one else had stepped forwarded to take over the role. Presumably, therefore, someone was volunteered.

That's right; it got sorted out, there was a festival, Chris Pegg didn't organise it and some other people withdrew but it all ran ok. Fairport's website is www.fairportconvention.com

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. The wobble got worse when we tried to remove the top for shipping and failed. We've dewobbled it by adding a small piece of rubber band to it, and it's safely on my mantlepiece now. Where it looks very fine.

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