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Eat at Leon
Healthy politically correct fast food at Leon

Healthy politically correct fast food at Leon. Leon is a new restaurant tucked away at the back of Liberty's, selling healthy fast food sourced locally. Our salad was particularly fabulous, but it's all good. Yum. And cheap; we managed to spend £30, but we had to work really hard; mains are £4-6.

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Good stuff there. It's one of our favourite places...

(and the stickers are blaggable if you ask nicely. My laptop and monitor sport a nice set...)

as in "edible plates" Leon's?

When I bought the book and got the free meal (well, I didn't have the "More Vegetarian Dinner Parties" book), they dragged Leon over (actually he didn't take much dragging at all!) and he signed the book for me (pretty much unasked, no, let me correct that, *totally* unasked!) and put "Love, Leon" in it ... I think I'm on to a promise there!! (grin!)

No, I believe there's no connection with Leon's Vegetarian. Though we love that too of course. This is Leon Restaurants. The food is not dissimilar (though Leon has meat); both are riffing on a mediterranean theme.

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